Here is some feedback that we have received from customers. If you would like to send us your comments or suggestions, please click hereto email us. We'd love to hear from you.

I ordered and received some of your jojoba a little while ago and I cannot get over what an incredible product it is. It does not smell, it absorbs very quickly and is the only jojoba I will use for my perfumes and for my personal face and hair care. Fabulous, fabulous stuff!

~ Sarah L.
Los Angeles, CA

We have been using Hobacare for nearly two years now and have found our family's skin is amazing looking - which is truly a feat considering the eczema and dry skin that so plagues us!

Thanks for sending some to our doctors - seriously - they currently have no clue except to stand firm with petro-chemicals (Vaseline, lotions) and have many clients struggling with dry skin issues. We all are benefitting but our youngest son is the poster child - he has it the worst and for a couple of years now, as long as we slick him up with jojoba after every bath, he's golden. When we run out, it takes about three days and his skin starts to go sandpaper and he itches like crazy, and it takes another three-five days of jojoba applications to bring him back to normal again

So many babies and children suffer so and there is just no better emollient out there that can beat pure jojoba. I particularly have been so pleased with your company's product for it's high and consistent quality. It took me five years to finally land on the simple power of Jojoba. If our docs would have handed me a sample years ago, it would have spared us years of trial and error. Relief accomplished!

~ Heather B.

First time to your site. Looks great! My wife loves using the jojoba on our infants as a moisturizer! Thanks for a great product!

~ Jason B.
Union, ME

I am so grateful for HobaCare Jojoba (oil), as I use it for my hair. As soon as my hair dries, it is immediately frizzy and feels very dry. Never have I seen my hair calm or filled with shine. One day...I received JobaCare (HobaCare) as a gift from my neighbor and didn't know what to do with it. After about two months of it sitting in the cabinet, I put it in my damp hair. After my hair dried, it was miraculous!! My hair was covered with shine and luster and was so thin and easy to handle. I can not stop thanking The Jojoba Company (and my friend)!

~ Yuko
Manhattan, NY

Hello, The web site is very nice. I especially enjoy the educational material available; and, you might be interested to know that I am blind, and using screen reading software called "JAWS", and your web site is completely accessible, and I am grateful for that. A very nice business experience for me indeed!

Thank You!

~ Donald
Lansing, MI

Hello I just would like to commend you on this awesome stuff you produce!!! I am currently transitioning from a relaxer to natural hair so I was looking for more organic products and I came across your website. When i received it and tried it, I was so amazed how my skin felt and my hair it felt like velvet lol. Please, please,please don't ever go anywhere we need you this stuff is the real deal keep up the great work!!!

~ Tyrisha
Philadelphia, PA

Dear Jojoba Company,

After visiting your booth at a massage conference a couple of years ago, I began using the pesticide-free HobaCare and have since moved to using it almost exclusively for my massage clients. I continue to receive positive comments about how smooth it feels and how well it absorbs without feeling oily. I also appreciate it because I can work slowly and retain plenty of contact, yet by adding a bit more I get a smooth glide.

I also work in an office doing training development, so I am not a full-time therapist. But this allows me to tailor my practice by regularly working with those clients with which I am best suited, knowing that my regular bills are already provided by a paycheck. It also allows me to seek out opportunities of interest without as much concern for high prices or client numbers. While I would like to eventually grow my own business into a thriving healing center, I do this because I love it and am satisfied with working slowly toward that goal. I also do not accept tips, as I strive to encourage the profession of massage by behaving as any other health care professional. I also feel that each client should receive the highest level of attention each and every time. Whether a client saved for months to see me, or views the rate as pocket change, he or she deserves the same quality of service.

~ Ann
Oklahoma City, OK

I am a massage therapist and have used your product for 4 years. I ordered something called "Jojoba Aloe" because I thought it would be a similar type of product, but it has been more than disappointing!! It does not wash out, and one of my clients has had an allergic reaction. Completely unacceptable. When I actually read the ingredients on the label, I was horrified.

So, I have learned the hard way. You make THE BEST stuff out there. I won't ever go anywhere else.

~ Jean Hardy
Belfast, ME

I have used Jojoba Baby exclusively on my son since he was born. After his very first bath, he received his first massage in jojoba. He had very little cradle cap do to the fact that he got a scalp massage every morning and evening with jojoba, which immediately eased the dry flaking skin. As he began to get his teeth, the drool would come. So much drool! Every now and then he would get a little rash around his mouth from the wetness, but a little jojoba would make it disappear. With that knowledge in mind, when he got such diaper rash from teething, I applied jojoba to all the effected area and within a 3 days the rash was completely healed. Now, instead of baby powder after every diaper change, he gets moisturized with jojoba. He hasn’t had another blistering rash again. Jojoba Baby is my go to cure for all of my sons skin needs. No need for harsh antibiotics or chemical diaper rash cremes, Jojoba Baby is the way to go! Thank you!

~ Emily

It is easy to be loyal to your company, your Jojoba product and way of processing outweighs any other Jojoba product I have ever tried or seen in workshops with my students. As long as you are producing this precious plant from our Earth Mother I will continue to welcome your USDA Certified 100% Organic HobaCare into my practice and so too will all my clients who rave about how great their skin feels after a stone session with me.

~ Mary Nelson
Founder, LaStone Therapy

Thank you for such a great product. New client commented that previous massages received with oil products left him wanting to take a shower afterward. Not so with jojoba. Felt wonderful on his skin.

My sheets never, never have the old oil residue smell.

Thanks, again. It is a pleasure doing business with you!

~ Judy

Since I was 16 years old I've been coloring my hair. Although I've always had it done by a professional, it is still so damaging to your hair. I've tried LITERALLY every expensive shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, leave in conditioner there is. I've tried keratin treatments, all sorts of oils, and I've dumped hundreds of dollars down the drain to treat my damaged hair with no results. I tried a dime sized amount of the Hobacare Jojoba in my damp hair about an hour ago. My hair feels incredible. It is soft, shiny, and my natural waves have even come through for the first time in years. This jojoba doesn't coat your hair or weigh it down, it just makes it feel light and smooth. Anyone woman who colors their hair, and has issues with dried out hair with lots of breakage needs to use this. Forget all the other expensive stuff. The Jojoba works like magic, and I cannot wait to go back and tell my hair dresser about your product. I wish I would have found this 6 years ago. Thank you for making this. This is exactly what my hair needed.

~ Jenn
Charlotte, NC, USA

I received my first one-gallon order from you yesterday. I'm so glad I found your company! Your shipping was reasonable and quick.

I make handmade all-natural skin care products (going into my 3rd year), and I sell wholesale to local privately-owned retail stores (Placerville, California). I also sell retail on ebay. I got into the business by accident - I was looking for a lotion that wasn't the "crap" I find in the stores. I found a wonderful lady (on ebay) who sold lotion-making kits - for $20 and a few hours of intensive research and learning, I produced my first batch using Jojoba and Avocado Oil as the main ingredients of a wonderful lotion. I've been hooked ever since. Jojoba is fantastic.

The recent shortage has put a crimp in my business - I have had to pay OUTRAGEOUS prices for Jojoba. I got to the point where I worked out all the math to change ingredients, omitting Jojoba until this shortage is over. Just as I was about to change my product (which I REALLY didn't want to do) - I found the Jojoba Company. Your product has allowed me to keep my wonderful recipes without having to raise my prices to my customers.

Your information and brochure are so complete, that I may use a few of your words in my descriptions. I love that you created a "Baby" label, and I will probaby purchase some just to re-sell. What better product could a mom (or dad) apply to their baby's skin?

I just wanted to let you know about one new customer's experience with your company, and that I am so grateful you are there and not gouging us with exhorbitant prices. Since I found you (internet search thru Google) I will be keeping my jojoba recipes in tact, with affordable prices for my customers. I expect you to be my sole supplier of Jojoba in the future.

Thank you so much!

~ Kathy Ellis, 7/9/2011
KEllis Natural Skin Products

My sample arrived yesterday, used it for 2 full body massages today and only used half the sample bottle...that's only half an ounce for 2 sessions! Hobacare is beyond amazing! Absolutely no staining on the sheets, if the sheets weren't wrinkled I'd have never known they had been used! Every last bit absorbed into the skin, it truly conditions the skin providing a nice balance of glide and control. Needless to say, as soon as my last client left today, I went to the website to order a gallon! Thanks again for sending the sample! (BTW-This morning I used a few drops on my hair, instead of the pricey, salon "glossing serum" that I have....Hobacare gave me shine, without the slimy, plastic feel. Great stuff!)

~ Dru
Lewis Center, OH

I started out trying the jojoba on an older leather day planner that I have. It is in very good condition, so I didn't think I would see much of a difference. Boy, was I wrong! I didn't realize how dull it was until I used the jojoba on it. I applied liberally with a soft cloth, wiped off the excess, let it sit overnight & then buffed it lightly with a microfiber cloth. It looks beautiful. The leather is a black cherry/burgundy color, and the jojoba gave it a beautiful sheen! I put a drop of water on it to see what would happen, it just beaded up & when I blotted it with a cloth, there was no watermark at all. I have done a couple of my purses now & the difference is unbelievable. I am very happy that I don't need to worry about additional waterproofing (especially as we live in Washington). I am going to use this on my families leather shoes & boots, too. I always love finding additional uses for my jojoba, each new use means one less chemical product in my home. I will always have jojoba in my home & will encourage others to, also. Thanks again fro your prompt reply & helpful information. I find it refreshing to do business with a company where the service & product is so excellent!

~ Dee
Silverdale, WA

I wanted to let you know how much I love your USDA NOP certified 100% organic jojoba. In my six years of practice as a Massage Therapist I have never been a fan of oil. In fact the only time I used oil was for Hot Stone Therapy. I found your product while browsing the web for organic oils; I have always preferred pure jojoba to oils. What I love the most is how non-greasy your jojoba is. I use Myofascial Release quite alot which is something that must be done before applying lotion to be done properly. I have found with your pure HobaCare Jojoba I can incorporate myo with my deep tissue sessions and have the same results as if I have used no lubricants. This allows me to really meet the clients' needs much more intuitively without worrying that I have already used lotion on my hands. Thank you!

~ Wendy Latty, NCTMB
Camp Hill, PA

I have been a massage therapist for seven years now and have been using your product since getting out of school in 2001. I remember the first gallon I bought, it lasted me almost three years and spent quite a bit of time in storage. It was exposed to cold and solidified a few times, was exposed to heat and got quite warm a few times and never did the quality of the product change. Although I knew when I bought it that it doesn't go rancid, even through such conditions, it still managed to amaze me.

I am just now replacing the first set of sheets that I bought since starting my own practice. I bought myself nice flannel sheets hoping to give my clients a nice cozy experience. I never would have imagined that after six years there is still no sign of the smell of oil on them and I find myself replacing them, not due to staining as most of my colleagues do, but because they are getting threadbare. In fact, the only stains I have ever had on my sheets have come from an arnica oil blend that one of my clients brings for me to use on her. I'll have to save my best set of the the old sheets for her so that her oil doesn't ruin my new ones.

My own therapist, who is also a friend of mine, replaced her sheets last year and asked me how mine have stayed stain free and smelling so nice over the years, she wants to get the same longevity from her new sheets. She is now a happy HobaCare customer too.

Another therapist friend that I see was complaining about the cost of the certified organic jojoba that he was buying and was thrilled when I told him of your product. Though he was already a jojoba fan it was nice to know that when shopping around there was something better out there.

I'm excited that it's coming time to order more HobaCare soon. Although my first gallon lasted me nearly three years, I'm now up to needing four gallons a year. The glide is perfect and I have yet to find another product that can rival its positive effects on the skin. And as a therapist who does mostly medical work, it is a wonderful thing to have found a product that none of my clients are allergic to. Many of my clients love your product so much that they ask me about it and how they can get some for their own personal use at home and I'm glad to share with them the brochures that you include when you ship me my jojoba.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful product. You've made a customer for life.

~ Jessica Collishaw
West Nyack, NY

I recently emailed you regarding a new client with severe peanut allergies. I wanted to make certain that your product, which I love and use every day, is not going to cause this client to have a reaction. You responded to my request immediately, assuring me that your HobaCare is 100% pure jojoba processed in a facility dedicated solely to jojoba and that it would be safe to use on this client.

I am writing to thank you for your speedy reply and to let you know that the massage worked out just fine and client was happy with the result.

I continue to be impressed with your company and the high standards that it promotes. Your responsiveness to questions, shipping and customer service is top notch. Thank you for everything.

~ Heather Piper
Kennebunk, ME

I just want to let you know how much I love your Jojoba. I have been using it for about 10 years now, after seeing it at a massage convention. One year I decided to go cheaper and found my sheets smelling rancid and after throwing them out decided I'd never do that again. I've never had anyone have allergic reactions to your jojoba. I often have clients comment on how wonderful their skin feels and it always mixes well with any essential oils I may use. I usually order 4 gallons at a time, knowing it will last me for a year.

~ Katie Dickinson
Brooksville, Florida

I just read your "letter" informing your customers of the sale of your Arizona farm. I'm sure that it WAS a difficult, albeit necessary, decision. I have been a customer of yours for several years and I intend to continue to be. I have always been completely satisfied with the quality of the product and the service. I wouldn't even think of going elsewhere. I like to support my "local" merchants, especially when I receive great service and product! I live in NH but, technically speaking, we are practically neighbors. I'm a massage therapist and I believe I was using jojoba oil (for massage) before it was popular, in my area anyway. I like to consider myself a "purist" and, after researching the different "oils", made my decision to go with jojoba. After reading all about it, I didn't see how I could go wrong. And, I am free to mix it with the appropriate essential oils, per individual client. I love it for my clients and use it as a moisturizer and cleanser for my makeup for myself, everyday.

~ Terry Webster
Goffstown, NH

...thanks for such an excellent product! I have been using HobaCare exclusively in my massage practice since 2001, and I wouldn't even consider using any other (product). I love how it absorbs into the skin and leaves it silky smooth, what a fantastic carrier it is for essential oils, that it doesn't go rancid, so my sheets remain sweet-smelling and that the (jojoba) is so stable with an incredible shelf-life. What's not to love? Thanks again for your wonderful (jojoba) and great customer service!

~ Annie/Arianna Mitchell, LMP

I have a bottle of your HobaCare on my desk and use it regularly. It's great for dry skin and helps heal scratches too. I just made a commercial for you!

~ Mike, Connecticut

I have been using your product for years and I love it! It is the only (product) I use for the face and body! I have another use to share with you... it heals cradle cap! My son had it and I would rub the jojoba on his head, then comb through his hair. Thank you!

~ Debra Peters

I'm writing to heap praise on Hobacare jojoba. I was experimenting with different products shortly after graduating from massage school, and at the recommendation of another therapist bought a liter of HobaCare. Very quickly I abandoned all the other products in favor of HobaCare. I'd found "the one" - it's better and more adaptable than any other massage product out there. Even though I've only ordered 2 liters in three years, I thought you might like to know that I talk up your product every chance I get. I'm sure I'm the lowest of your low-volume but I consider myself a loyal customer. Every one of your claims are true - the lack of staining and smell, the affinity with the skin, and my clients love that they don't get up from the table feeling like greased pigs (my words). Of course, as a massage therapist, none of that would matter if the grip and glide weren't perfect... and they are.

I recently added Hot Stone Massage to my repertoire, and as it requires quite a bit more oil than I usually use, I'm sure I'll be upgrading to the gallon size for my next order! I have noticed that the combination of the heat and Hobacare has the pleasant side effect of beautifully softened skin. I've noticed a big improvement in the clients who suffer from dry and rough "winter skin".

My pregnant clients also benefit from Hobacare. I've found that it does a great job of relieving itchy stretching skin, and so I make sure to get a liberal amount massaged into the skin on the belly at every session. I also feel good that by using your product I'm doing everything I can to protect the new mother and delicate new life in my care - no chemicals, preservatives, or pesticides here, thank you very much.

~ Sara Garvin, LMT

Why do I prefer using jojoba for my daughter? Two years ago, my daughter Hila was born. I immediately paid attention to her sensitive skin (like mine), for dryness and allergies. The skin medicines that I've received from the hospital have caused her much dry skin and even skin wounds. I looked for a natural organic solution, one that won't cause any further damage to her skin. Then, then my father told me I should put jojoba on my daughter's skin and on my skin, too. This is an amazing material, which by a miracle, caused all the bad symptoms on her skin, to immediately vanish. Her skin has become smooth, elastic, and vital.

A few examples:

1) Dry skin near the knee. By massaging it a few times with organic Jojoba, after the shower, relief followed in a few days.

2) Diaper rash on the baby's bottom. By washing and using the organic jojoba for a few days, this problem has gone away.

3) During the summer time, dryness and grit on my baby's scalp, was successfully eliminated with your organic jojoba.

I'm warmly recommending to all the mothers who have young kids, to keep Organic jojoba at their homes and to use it with no hesitation.

~ A Happy Mother

I really like your product and have referred many clients/other therapists to your company. I know it is the genuine product by how it feels and smells. One time when on vacation in Texas I bought "jojoba" oil and it was mixed with other oils. It didn't smell the same or function like HobaCare Jojoba. The Jojoba esters is an excellent bodywork tool (multiple treatment modalities) as well as at home for my skin. I've even used it to mix with essential oils and given it as a gift. I am ordering the organic jojoba this time because I have extremely sensitive energy and after testing energetically found the organic was better for me "as the therapist". Thank you!

~ Jonna Climie
Janina Wellness Center

I... want to tell you I've been a loyal customer since 2003 when I enrolled in massage therapy school. I use your wonderful product daily in my own practice, as well as for my personal use. My skin feels wonderful, and my clients & family love it (some have skin disorders have greatly improved since their use of Hobacare). My sincere thanks for such an awesome product.

~ Tara Okoney
Plainfield, CT

Let me please thank you very much for the bottle of Jojoba. I was very hesitatant to use it, thinking that it's just one more advertisement step, taken by a smart sales man, who was looking for increasing his income... After few days of using it, I must admit that the product has proved itself beyond my expectations! My 4 year old son was suffering from a "red bottom" due to frequent wetting. Since I've used the Jojoba, his skin is bright, clean, and with no signs of red. I'm very grateful to you.

~ Orit Vainer
Jerusalem, Israel

I am emailing to let you know that I placed an order tonight for a gallon of organic jojoba. I like the jojoba very much and I think it is the best option for use in my massage practice. I have a small practice, which I am just beginning, so I will not order very frequently. But, I will tell anyone who asks where to go to buy such good quality jojoba at a reasonable price.

My one friend who is a massage therapist told me that jojoba was too expensive. But, after using the jojoba, I find that it is not expensive at all. A small amount of jojoba goes a long way. I found that an ounce of jojoba was more than enough to use for one complete body massage. That's only about 50 cents per person. That's significantly cheaper than the creams I have tried, some of which cost almost $3 per person!

~ Coleen McFarland
Lorain, Ohio

I believe I have been using your product for almost 2 years now and wouldn't use anything else! I am a massage therapist with hospice and your pure jojoba... is wonderful on my patients' skin. Many cancer patients cannot stand the smell of perfumes or oils. (HobaCare Jojoba) has no smell. If you look at a lot of lotions they contain so many chemicals. The people I see have had enough chemicals put into their bodies. Their skin is usually very dry from all the chemo, poor circulation and lack of oxygen. Jojoba soaks so nicely into the skin without leaving a greasy feeling. Thanks!

~ Ellen
Lady Lake, Florida

I have been using your product for 4 years now and I would not use anything else. I have a few friends I am trying to convince because I bring my jojoba blended with essential oils when they work on me. I use your product for my geriatric population and have seen it work wonders on the quality of their skin. I am hoping a price break will help my friends see the light and try it. I use far less per client then any other product I have tried.

~ Lisa Nutt
Falmouth, ME

When I recently visited a resort day spa one of the professionals told me about HobaCare and how she used it after sun exposure. Two weeks later I developed my first sun burn of the year. My skin is frequently burned by the sun even with strong sun block. Hoba Care not only soothed the burn, but also conditioned the skin and resulted in the first bronze tan of my life (with absolutely no peeling)! Thank you so much for such a high quality product. I recommend it to everyone I know and I can't wait to try suggested applications from your website.

~ Jessica Fitzgerald
Edison, NJ

(Note: HobaCare Jojoba is not intended as a sunscreen. This customer's use of the product after exposure to the sun is entirely appropriate. The product may also be used under sunscreen to maintain skin conditioning while in the sun.)

I just wanted to say thanks, I am a massage therapist of 9 years, and I discovered your product after I left school and found almond oil (and other nut oils) leave your sheets smelling rancid. This product washes out completely with no special products or harsh chemicals and my sheets last a long time. This allows me to purchase a nicer set of sheets so my room looks peaceful and beautiful, not clinical as many of those who use only white sheets. I also have sensitive skin and this product gives me no problem at all.

Another great aspect of jojoba oil is that it absorbs completely and my clients don't leave feeling greasy. I love telling them about the oil I use and how good it is for their skin. I could go on and on, there are so many wonderful things about using hobacare oil. It will extend the shelf life of scented oils if you choose to use them. Once again THANK YOU for caring about the product you put out. I am so grateful I found this product.

~ Robin L. Whitford

I oil my mid-thigh length hair with Hobacare Jojoba. My hair has no split ends and is in the best condition ever. I could not have grown my hair to its current length or kept it in this marvelous condition without your product.

I recommend your product to anyone who inquires about hair care or comments on the health of my own hair. Your Jojoba is superior quality jojoba.

~ G. Spruiell
Iowa Park, TX

I love your stuff. I've been using it for years and refuse to use anything else. I've tried them all. Your jojoba, is by far, the best available.

~ Bella Donna
Lake Montezuma, AZ

I love this product and so do my clients! It never leaves anyone feeling greasy and it lasts for such a long long time. Great carrier product, too, for aromatic essential oils. Jojoba extract is what I use exclusively now. Thanks for such a great product!

~ Kim Mennillo
Licensed Massage Therapist

My order arrived today. I use your jojoba in place of hair gel and it works so much better. I also use it on my face twice daily and it has dramatically improved the quality of my skin. Thanks for the quality product. I know I would never get these benefits from the jojoba products bought anywhere else.

~ Steve Lazur
Simi Valley, CA

I am a massage therapist in Indiana and have loved your product for over 2 years now, I don't order often because my jojoba lasts so long! I recently placed an order with you guys & on my invoice someone had hand written an apology for possibly misspelling my name. I am so impressed with your customer care. It just seemed like a courteous and personal message. I like doing business with companies that care, and I feel that you do.

Thank you for a fabulous product and great customer care!!

~ Mindy Coddington
LaPorte, IN

Thanks for the quick response. I love jojoba and now use it exclusively as a skin lubricant in my massage practice. No allergic reactions, no greasy feeling for the patient, no funky sheets, and a fantastic carrier for essential oils.

Saint Johns Wort grows wild here in Aroostook County. I go to our camp (22 miles from the nearest electricity, and forget that cell phone), where my 87-year-old mother and I harvest from a patch that is at least 1/3 acre, far from any traffic or logging activity. After three sun infusions, the jojoba turns a rich, deep reddish-orange color. I use it on my bicyclists (including my occasionally-unfortunate self) for road rash. Amazing stuff! Minimizes itching, scabbing, scarring. I recently got my first tattoo (at age 50) and have been using the StJW jojoba on it. It barely peeled, has never itched, and my tattoo artist is amazed. Magic in a bottle.

Thanks for a wonderful product. I don't know what I'd do without it.

~ Nanci Little, LMT, TRM
Presque Isle, ME

I am a small businesswoman, and I only buy two gallons of HobaCare a year, but I am very pleased with your product, and so are my clients. People tell me "Don't use oil", and I put a drop of HobaCare in the palms and tell them to feel it and smell it. The response is always, 'Oh, this is nice!'

So I am glad your company is going to continue distributing jojoba. I appreciate the honesty and integrity you give customers. I've never had a company raise prices briefly and then reduce prices back again, as promised! I don't want to buy from anyone else.

~ Lisa Wyzard
Torrance, CA

I have been using your jojoba for ten months and have several others using it from my recommendation in Florida, Michigan, Montana and Texas. Thank you for producing a pure product we can all enjoy without danger to ourselves or our environment. I just ordered a quart today for my personal use.

~ Mary Campbell
Destin, FL

This e-mail to inform you that my order arrived yesterday (within 3 days!). After trying it, I can confirm that your Jojoba is a great product at a very low price (compared to Europe...) I will very certainly place an order again once my liter bottle is empty!

~ Anne Krother

I ordered one gallon of jojoba online yesterday afternoon and I received it this morning at 9:30!!!!! Thank you so much for your prompt service. It is much appreciated. I recommend your product to my clients all the time. Thank You.

~ Sarah Litchfield, LMT
New Gloucester, ME

I am so happy that I have discovered your product. When I get the big bottle, I will use it all over. Thanks again.

~ Mary E. Morello
Medford, MA

I am the mother of a nine-month old daughter who has been battling leukemia for the past five months.

During her first round of chemotherapy, we found that one of the many side effects of the treatment was terrible diarrhea, which deteriorated the skin in her diaper area quickly and extensively. The hospital's skin care team offered their hospital wide solution to this type of problem, which failed, and her skin only got worse. After some experimenting of our own, we found the best treatment was to clean her skin with soft cotton cloths dampened with water and jojoba... followed by a protective barrier of a zinc oxide cream. This method was much gentler to her sensitive baby skin and provided another protective barrier to the chemically saturated diarrhea. We have continued to use this method for diaper changes and our more rounds of chemotherapy later we have yet to see any skin breakdown!

Thank you for improving the quality of little one's life with your wonderful product.

~ Heather de Bethencourt
North Billerica, MA

I had heard about your product several months ago. I was not able to find your website at the time because I was spelling it JojobaCare. Recently, I was in the market for a new massage therapist so I began calling around to see if anyone in my area used your product. I found one, Ultimate Escape Day Spa (, and then when I got a massage the other day I bought a bottle of your product.

I used it for several days after shower and love it! But the real kicker is this... for several months my skin had been out of control. Breaking out and flaky dry, which made it hard to correct one without irritating the other. I decided to look at your website, now that I had the URL, and was searching to see if I could find reference to using it on the face and if was non-comedogenic. As you know, it did say that so I decided to try it, thinking not much could make my skin worse at this point because my skin actually hurt it was so dry and flaky. (Looked horrible too) I have been using it on my face for only 2 days now, morning and night. And I am amazed! My skin isn't flaking, and is clearing up quicker than I have seen anything work and my skin is soft. I put it on right after I wash my face, before my regular lotion. I haven't changed anything else so I think my results must be a direct result of your product! Thank you so much! I have e-mailed my friends and family with your website link.

~ Kristal A. Stilley
Olathe, Kansas

I want to let you know that I continue to give your website out to many of my clients, friends and family. It is a terrific product and I appreciate knowing that I have you for a resource.

I recently learned of something that I have been sharing with others. I learned of using baking soda and water (mixed in hands) and gently massaged onto your face(or body) to cleanse. I recommend splashing the mixture of baking soda off with water versus using a cloth. The cloth tends to be a little abrasive. From there I have been using, and telling others to use, your jojoba extract.

I learned of the baking soda/water mixture through a caller who wanted to share with listeners on the television program "Your Health With Doug Kaufmann." His website is The caller actually has people stop her and ask what she uses on her skin. She stated the baking/soda and water mixture and her moisturizer (which she didn't name). I happen to use the jojoba extract as my moisturizer. Perfect combo and very inexpensive. My skin has improved dramatically since I first started using HobaCare on my face and even more changes in the past few days using the baking soda as a cleanser. I want to share this with others as we all need to feel good about our skin and the aging process that takes place.

Thank you again!

~ Patty Gaffer, LMT
Lima, OH

I bought some of your... HobaCare... when my daughter was a baby and I would like some more. I got it on vacation at a spa. I really like it for her cradle-cap and diaper rash. I now have dry scalp and I would like some more...

~ Esther Diener
Goshen, IN

About seven years ago, I attended an aromatherapy trade show in Boston, MA. At one of the booths, I over heard a gentleman explaining the many uses of jojoba. I had to try it out. So, I bought a small bottle of HobaCare and added a few drops over my damp hair before styling. The results were instant! My hair not only had sheen, but totally eliminated the friz! I threw away all of the other goopey hair gels. Also, I even brought HobaCare with me to use at my hairstyle appointment. I have tried so many other products and although they coated to rid the friz - they also left a greasy mess. Not HobaCare! I have faithfully used HobaCare everyday for the past seven years! I stand 100% behind HobaCare quality. Since then, I have educated myself about the harsh ingredients in personal care products and learned I only want to use natural products like HobaCare.

I now manufacturer all natural body care products using only the highest quality ingredients including The Jojoba Company's HobaCare!

~ Terri Swain
Hopedale, MA

We just did our living room table with HobaCare again and are pleased. By the way, it also waterproofs leather. My work shoes were unusually porous for such. Put on a heavy dose of HobaCare and then waded in river's edge several days after and then 10 days later. Felt no leakage. You can quote me in your ads!

~ Pike Messenger
Middleton, MA

I'd like to thank you for your excellent customer service. I placed an order yesterday, and it arrived today. I can't think of any other company that does this without charging significantly more money for shipping. I also want to thank you for making a superior product. I have been using the creams and lotions of another company for the first 2 years of my practicing massage. I have since developed allergies to their products. HobaCare has provided me with an alternative which has proven to be an even better massage medium than the products I had been using. I love that it's so natural and that I no longer have to worry about further allergic reactions in myself or my clients. I also love the shelf life of this product, though I doubt it will take me too long to use it all, now that it will be the only product I use.

~ Julie Copp, LMT & Reiki Therapist
Bedford, MA

I have used your jojoba product exclusively for my massage practice since February 1995. I have never had any stains on my sheets or clothing from your product. I wash my sheets with hot water, Tide with bleach and PurePro orange (this makes my sheets smell good). I usually wash my sheets the same day of use since I do my own laundry. My sheets look great for a long time. I normally purchase new sheets every 6 months only because I feel like I should. My clients frequently comment on the cleanliness of my sheets.

~ Dianne LeBlanc, LMT
Gardner, MA

Massage Therapists love HobaCare

I've been a masseuse for eleven years and your jojoba extract is the best stuff I've ever used! It's economical, clean, and every one of my clients like it.

~ Genie Robinson, RMT
Brackettville, TX

I must tell you, that I had problem with my left hand, I could not get rid of a sore. In a month time it's gone thanks to HobaCare. I think I will use it forever!!

~ Liolia Kiss
Copiague, NY

I love your jojoba extract! I discovered it at "Well Within" massage and hot tub facility in Santa Cruz, California, where I had gone for a massage. The therapist there used it on me. I am a certified Shiatsu body therapist, and one of my daughters is a licensed therapist in the State of Washington.

~ Gina Johnson
Miami, FL

Greetings. I received your fine jojoba the other day and needless to say I am very happy. One thing I would (add) to your bulleted massage list is something along the lines of this: You have heard that a late-phase Type I hypersensitivity reaction can be brought about by the use of lotions and oils containing safflower, soy, almond, sunflower and corn oils. This is a reaction your client may never tell you about. Wouldn't you love to know you are using the most hypoallergenic product available? Jojoba is your answer. I also thought you'd like to know what I've found due to your (jojoba). It provides excellent grip as well as slide. As you stated does not require much, which is most definitely a benefit when you consider that the client does not feel "oily" when they leave. Thanks again.

~ Lea McAndrews
Fresno, CA

HobaCare is outstanding for shavingEnclosed is a check... for a 32-oz bottle of your jojoba... I have found it an excellent product for shaving and hope it will continue to be available.

~ Jerome Singer
Woodbridge, CT

Just a quick note to say my order arrived yesterday and HobaCare is by far the most superior Jojoba I've ever used! It is, among other things, an amazing skin and hair conditioner and I will definitely be reordering in the future. Thank you for such a quality product!

~ N. Luce
VA Beach, VA

I bought your product... and my husband thought it was just another product I had to have—now he uses it all the time and reminded me when we're running low. So we both think it's great. Thanks.

~ Lois Akner Fields
New York, NY

Your product is far superior compared to those that I have tried and used. Your company can back-up every word that you say about HobaCare Jojoba. It is excellent for hot/warm stone therapy as well as any modalities or massage techniques where you need to count on ultimate glide without impaired grip. Even though I ordered only one gallon to try the product, as I build my clientele and educate them about HobaCare, I'm sure they too will become loyal customers.

Please keep my name on your mailing list.

~ Robert S. Mendoza, RMT
Crosby, TX

You should know that I love this product, and having lived in Tucson, Arizona for 10 years we are familiar with jojoba and its uses. So I am doubly glad to be able to renew my supply.

~ Susan Bauer
Derry, NH

I've been using this product for two years already... I love it! It's just so good for my skin and hair... I use no conditioner, just Jojoba. I also have my teenage son use it with the essential oils for his acne skin. I found out about Jojoba was through my friend who does my facials. Please, never stop making it! Thank you.

~ Martha Tucker
Montville, NJ

After having tried your jojoba earlier this year I am hooked!... Many thanks.

~ Tina van Leuven, Aromatherapist
Naples, FL

I would like to personally "Thank You" for manufacturing such an excellent product! I read the informational and directions booklet and I was thoroughly pleased to acquire such a pure extract and I was equally impressed with the careful growth, cleaning and expeller pressing procedure used to create this wonderful extract!

I treated myself to a retreat at The Grand Traverse Resort and Spa in Traverse City, Michigan in January. The massage therapist there used HobaCare mixed with a few essential oils for a light fragrance. My skin absorbed the HobaCare thoroughly, leaving no oily residue or "slick" feeling. When I got up from the massage table to put on my robe I felt my skin and I have never felt my skin that soft before! I then had a manicure and the manicurist used the HobaCare as a cuticle oil. I was hooked! I purchased three 8 oz. bottles on the spot!

Our popular litre size bottle

I have since experimented with adding quality essential oils from Aveda to the HobaCare. I then add a few drops of the HobaCare to a bath mixed with Dead Sea Salts, Aveda Personal Blends Shower Gel in #5, (for bubbles) and Rose Petals. After this relaxing bath my skin is noticeably softer. I then lightly towel off and apply a small amount to my skin and watch my skin absorb this extract to produce a beautiful, softer me! Winter months in Michigan are horrid on the skin, causing some serious drying effects. Being African-American my skin is particularly dry in the winter months and on some areas of the legs and arms there is flaking if you don't moisturize daily (in some cases, twice a day)! With HobaCare I can cheat and moisturize every other day and still have skin like a newborn baby!

I just ordered a 32 oz bottle of HobaCare, and I can't wait to receive it! Once again"Thank You" for producing such a wonderful, pure product!

I am so glad to see a company with such a wonderful customer focus, excellent customer service and quality product! Of course you can use my e-mail message, and I hope that visitors to the site are prompted to purchase HobaCare. I have actually given some HobaCare to a couple of my friends and I'm sure they will make a purchase very soon.

Once again "Thank You" for your kind message and excellent service. I truly appreciate the extra steps taken to please your customers and your efforts will not be forgotten!

~ Treea Brown
Detroit, MI

I want to commend you for your excellent product. I took Ardell Hill's LaStone Therapy class in St. Helena, CA and we used your jojoba oil throughout the seminar. I've never cared much for jojoba oil before, but Ardell spent some time promoting your product to us and provided samples for our use. I must say that after her class, I'm convinced of the superior qualities of your HobaCare, and have ordered my supplies from you accordingly. Thank you for providing her the opportunity to change my mind!

~ Angelene Hernandez, LMT, LST
Napa, CA

Our 1 fl.oz. bottle

I received your shipment last Wednesday and began immediately to use it with my massage therapy clients. I've received many positive comments and look forward to much future use of your great product. Thanks for your speedy shipping. The trial size bottle Sally sent me got me started—a great promotional tool.

~ Pam Kaufman, LMT
Bettendorf, IA

Early in March, I bought a small bottle of the jojoba from a very nice representative and I absolutely love it! I am a floral designer and my hands look like I'm 80 years old. But thanks to jojoba they no longer feel it!! HA!! Great Product.

~ Gale Heid
Bayport, NY

I don't know what I did before I started using your product. It is by far the finest skin care product I have ever used.

~ Nanci L. Maloney
Kansas City, MO

I had to take the time to write your company and commend you on such a great, fantastic product. I've ordered jojoba before and your HobaCare is leaps and bounds above any other. I could immediately feel the difference in the way it looks, smells & feels on my skin. The first thought in my head was that this is truly an elegant product. I'm glad I purchased it. Thank you.

~ Robyne Lopez
Los Angeles, CA

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I have had the pleasure of working with your excellent Jojoba for 11 years as a massage therapist and also for personal use. I have occasionally tried other highly regarded massage oils and lotions over the years but always come back to your product. It is simply the best! The versatility of the product makes it user friendly for many different massage modalities and different skin types from infants to the elderly. Also very important to me is that my massage table linens are always fresh and clean, never with any oily residue or yucky rancid smell. Jojoba washes out completely with a gentle biodegradable detergent.

Your professional,friendly, and efficient customer service dept. and website are right up there with your superior product. Keep up the great work!

~ Janet Walker