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We want to get to know our customers better and have you along for the ride! In our #HowDoYouHobaCare series we find out how/why individuals, professionals and businesses use our HobaCare Jojoba – and showcase their lives, services or products! (see more series in this post)

In the first of our business series, we’d love to introduce you to a longtime customer of ours - Laura McCann of ADORAtherapy in North Carolina. Laura has years of experience in creating very beautiful aromatherapy products. Find out more about her and her business below!

interview with Laura McCann of Adoratherapy

Tell us a little bit about your company and what you give to the world through it.
Transformation is at the very heart of the ADORAtherapy mission. Founded upon the belief that Mother Earth’s abundant resources offer the ability to transform the human experience. Our aroma perfumes lift and shift your mood in the moment, allowing you to tap into your best self. When we have the presence of mind and heart to be more adoring and compassionate with ourselves, this very feeling cascades into the world and all we touch within it. As we individually transform into the best version of ourselves, we weave a new tapestry for humankind, ultimately elevating our collective consciousness.

How did your love of aromatherapy and crafting scents come to be in your life?
I grew up in Paris and my grandfather’s best friend, who was an American World War II veteran and his French wife owned a duty free perfume store. I was taken there often and always was given a bag of samples. I can’t remember not wearing perfume. As I got older I developed migraines and perfume become a big no-no. I had no alternative until I was introduced to Aromatherapy through Adora Winquist at a friend’s birthday party. A master formulator, she had developed perfume-like aromatherapy blends. I was so excited. I had no idea essential oil perfumery could go beyond perfume and not only deliver amazing scents but heal and shift my moods.

You have purchased HobaCare Jojoba for many years! We couldn’t be more thrilled to be of support of your creations. Did you try other carrier types before settling on ours?
We have always used jojoba as our core carrier. When we tried HobaCare Jojoba we loved it and have been using it since. We tried a few other brands, but we ultimately fell in love with Hobacare. Your customer service is great and we sometimes have to order last minute to fulfill a big order and always get what we need.

Why would you recommend HobaCare Jojoba to others as a base for aromatherapy?
We use water and oil as carriers. Water for sprays and oil for roll ons and droppers. We believe jojoba is the best carrier because it is not an oil and it is stable. We love the texture for our roll ons. I have many seed and nut allergies so the fact that it is non-allergenic is very important.

What are some of your favorite aspects of running your business?
I am a total packaging geek and love designing new concepts and sourcing bottles and boxes.
By the way we love your new packaging and branding!


Do you have a current favorite roll on scent from your collection?
My go to roll ons are Vitality, Motivation, Joy, and Clarity from our Chakra Boost collection. They are healing and smell amazing. I mix and match them as needed.

Have you tried using HobaCare Jojoba in your personal life? For face or body? For kitchen cutting boards? Massage? Pet care?
I have so many Adoratherapy products at home but have never used Hobacare on its own. Thanks for the inspiration!

Since HobaCare and ADORAtherapy have such clear intentions of integrity and wishes for all humans’ wellbeing through the products they use – what is something outside of our products you feel will help make the world a better place as we journey on?
I call myself a “life coach in a bottle”. I feel that my mission is to remind people to breathe and set an intention for their best life. Our aroma perfumes are blended to elicit specific mood and healing benefits. We like to say we are “Beyond perfume”.

There you have it! Just one of the amazing companies who utilize HobaCare Jojoba – in this case for the good of people’s moods and overall wellbeing! Please check out ADORAtherapy's website for more information and tell Laura we sent you!

If you know of or are someone who would like to contribute to our series – send us an email at: info@hobacare.com and we’ll be in touch about showing our followers more about your particular use of HobaCare!

When I started my herbal skin care product business in 2015, HobaCare Jojoba extract was the only jojoba I wanted to use in my products. In fact, HobaCare Jojoba was the only jojoba extract I had ever used myself, knowing it was a local Maine product and loving from first drop how it felt on my skin. It was only after I joined The Original Jojoba Company last year as Director of Strategic Growth that I tried other jojobas to compare. The difference really is astonishing.

first press quality jojoba for clean skincare products

If you’ve been a HobaCare customer for any length of time you’ve heard us emphasize how we are the only company in the world making what we call first-press quality jojoba, somewhat analogous to extra virgin olive oil, where we only extract the lightest of the liquid wax ester from our jojoba seeds, sacrificing quantity pressed in the name of the highest quality product. HobaCare Jojoba is markedly lighter, more absorbent, and virtually odorless compared with other jojobas on the market and if you try a sample of our jojoba on the back of your hand and a drop of another brand on your other hand, you’ll see the difference too.

Our jojoba is expeller pressed without any added heat or chemicals (which is as cold pressed as any extract of the very hard jojoba seed gets, in case you’re wondering if our jojoba is ‘cold press’), filtered down to .2 microns, and that’s what goes in our bottles. Simple, pure, and unfussed with. All of our jojoba, whether certified organic or not, is grown without pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. In a world where consumers are increasingly seeking out ‘clean beauty’ products, as a maker you can be sure our jojoba is as clean as it gets.

first press quality jojoba for clean skincare products

Jojoba is perfect for makers for many reasons. First and foremost, it is safe for all skin types so no matter what your formulation is you can be sure that your customers won’t have a negative outcome from the jojoba in it. Because of jojoba’s unique chemical composition, closest in the plant world to the sebum our skin produces, it works to moisturize dry skin, regulate oil production in oily skin, and with its anti-inflammatory properties can soothe and protect sensitive and problem skin. Being noncomedogenic it won’t clog pores and so is a great ingredient in facial serums and other products for the face.

Another important attribute of jojoba is its extremely long (frankly indefinite) shelf life. Because of its amazing oxidative stability and high naturally occurring levels of Vitamin E, jojoba won’t go rancid and ruin your carefully crafted batch of product. Jojoba plays well with others and combines wonderfully with other carrier oils and ingredients. Research from Israel has shown that adding jojoba to a formulation may prolong the shelf life of the finished product. With Covid-19 upending the world of in-person trade shows for the foreseeable future, having products with longer shelf lives can be an important economic consideration as the time it takes to get your products into your customers’ hands may be longer than in the past.

first press quality jojoba for clean skincare products

Lastly, jojoba is fantastic for makers because of its sheer versatility of use. Great for body, face, and hair, not to mention a myriad of other uses, jojoba is useful for any sort of creation a maker can dream up. From beard oil to cuticle care to body balms and face creams (and so much more), jojoba is a perfect ingredient to include in your formulations. If you’re a maker using our jojoba in your products, we’d love to hear how you incorporate HobaCare in your unique recipes!

Chamomile Infused Jojoba
Balsam Infused Jojoba
Calendula Infused Jojoba
Lavender Infused Jojoba
Arnica Infused Jojoba
Lavender Jojoba Salve
Jojoba Lotion Bars
Jojoba Sugar Scrub
Gin & Tonic Beard Oil
Stress Less Beard Oil

Hillary, our Customer Care Lead, has been working the HobaCare booth at the Common Ground Fair for many years. Being the one in the office with the most experience, we had her write up a post about why we will miss being at the fair this year.

Common Ground Fair Vendor Booth

One of the biggest reasons the Common Ground Fair holds such a special place in my heart is because the very first year our company set up our booth I ended up meeting my future husband. He recognized our company due to having used HobaCare Jojoba on the tools he helped create while working at Lie-Nielsen Toolworks in Warren, Maine. As we became friends and later partners (him helping at our booth each year as an enthusiastic HobaCare user), I worked my seventh fair finally married to this catch!

Common Ground Fair Romance

There’s so much more to Common Ground than romance, although the fair as a whole is easy for me to heartily romanticize. I bet most people can agree there is a certain special “vibe” to this event. The combination of the time of year, late September being such a golden time of Maines seasons, the out of ordinary planning to camp for three days amongst friendly strangers, the scent of pine trees, coffee and chai on your morning walk through woods or fields to start the day and the sense that people from truly all walks of life are sincerely welcomed for three days of community spirit, education and finding that perfect product to take home.

Common Ground Fair Unity Maine

There is so much familiarity, tradition and camaraderie at Common Ground. Not only are all the vendors unique, fascinating people from all over the state, with wonderful products – they inevitably behave in an encouraging manner much more so than competitors, vying for sales. Most of us are camping, we all have to wait in line for the porta-potty situation, we all endure the foul weather if it strikes, we all brave the absolutely thick sea of attendees to try to find lunch and scurry back to our booths, we all work long days standing and speaking for 99% of the time that we all feel sore and hoarse by the time we roll into our tents, cars or campers – yet, there is always a spirit of cheer, appreciation and good humor amongst one another that is much, much larger than any weariness. We are all truly glad to be there.

Common Ground Fair Unity Maine

Working at The Fair seems to be a naturally bonding experience. I’ve made some of my best memories with coworkers turned forever friends at this event.

Then there are the customers! Talk about cheer. It never fails to feel heartwarming to be so well received by returning customers, who shower us in enthusiasm that they’ve found us once again. We are so grateful to hear so many stories about how glad they are they tried HobaCare Jojoba the year before, what it’s done for their skin, how they plan to make their own home recipes with it and even introducing us to their new babies who are benefitting from their parents impeccable skincare product choices. We look forward to each and every one of those connecting moments.

Common Ground Fair Unity Maine

There have been several times we’ve had these very same repeat customers do our job for us, as they recognize a new-to-jojoba attendee walk past trying to figure out what it is we sell. They’ll reach right out and tell them to try a sample, with a description of why they love using jojoba. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Common Ground Fair Unity Maine

We will fondly miss the whole experience this year – our booth neighbors, the smells of Sweet Annie, the amazing livestock sightings, sounds of the parade going by and those fried shitake mushroom treats among other delicious meals. We greatly look forward to being able to attend again when it is possible!

Over the coming months we will be sharing posts about how our staff uses our jojoba themselves in our new #HowDoYouHobaCare campaign. Today’s post is from Hillary, our Customer Care Lead.

How Do You HobaCare

I am happy to say I have been working at The Original Jojoba Company for the last 14 years and over the last several months have experienced my biggest life change within the company yet – pregnancy! I am very humbled and grateful to be pregnant and growing this little human who my husband and I can’t wait to meet. There has been a lot of sleepy-eyed research going on as I attempt to educate myself on pregnancy, babies, and parenting. With so much info out there, I am trying to balance my tendency of anxious eagerness to learn it “all” (yeah, right) with knowing it makes a lot more sense to take my nurse midwives kind advice of “take it easy, common sense is your friend and find a solution if/when an issue actually arises”. Wish me luck!

jojoba and pregnancy

Something that gives me a ton of peace of mind is using HobaCare Jojoba. Having been with the company for so long, I have the benefit of knowing firsthand that purity is our priority and I can trust the safety of our jojoba extract on my skin even and especially during this time of extra watchfulness about my and the baby’s health. We honor that every person and every pregnancy is unique as well as celebrate that HobaCare Jojoba is safe to use for every body – it is non-allergenic, unrefined, first-press quality.

With so many options available for skincare (and so much ingredient research to go along with it), I absolutely love the low maintenance, minimalist, easy and nourishing experience of being able to use the same product, HobaCare Jojoba, for my face, my growing body and my eventual baby! What a load off the mind, to do list and baby registry by keeping it simple! Speaking of – HobaCare makes a wonderful gift if you’re headed to a baby shower or if you are a mom to be with an Amazon Baby Registry, it’s easy to add our product to your list!

Using jojoba during pregnancy

I have fairly sensitive skin and while I use our jojoba morning and nightly to moisturize my face, I have been particularly enjoying using calendula infused jojoba for an added boost of anti-inflammatory properties on all of my expanding skin – because it’s not just this belly area that is stretching! While I believe stretchmarks are something to be honored and loved as much as possible (and I don’t think we can do much about them if our genetics declare them for us), using jojoba definitely nourishes the skin through such a transition. I started using jojoba on my belly before becoming pregnant and I have not experienced any pregnancy stretch marks (yet). But more importantly to me, using jojoba has prevented all the itching from stretching skin I hear about women dealing with. Use HobaCare head to toe, mamas! My skin has felt utterly at ease, even when I’m a little frazzled!

jojoba and pregnancy

If you like the feel of something thicker to add to your belly/bodycare routine, consider our Simple Salve. I have used salve every once in a while, in addition to just jojoba on my belly. My husband mixed our calendula infused jojoba with beeswax and it gives another wonderful feel to the skin. Make your own or pop a Simple Salve from our website into your cart for one less thing to do.

making calendula infused salve with beeswax

Something I learned the hard way in my pregnancy is that they’re not kidding when they say you will sunburn far more easily than ever before. Take heed, ladies! A beautiful treat of a day at a local beach turned into a very, very uncomfortable few days after I severely burned my feet. That’s right, just my feet, as I took all the right precautions of sunscreens, hats and coverings for the rest of my body, yet decided my feet would somehow be fine without. What resulted was a very unpleasant opportunity to use more jojoba in the healing process. (As well as cat supervised ice foot baths shown below). I found a mixture of aloe and jojoba (naturally rich in healing Vitamin E) to be more beneficial for my feet than the natural (but formulated) after sunburn gel, which strangely felt drying to my skin.

cats & foot baths

And while we are talking about uncomfortable things – allow me to make space for my awkward feelings in a sincere wish to educate anyone interested in the following: HobaCare Jojoba is a safe and wonderful product to use during any *ahem * efforts to become pregnant. Some of you have been brave enough to ask us this question over the years – thank you! We intend to make it clear that HobaCare Jojoba makes an excellent lubricant for sexual activity when a condom is not being used. While jojoba is not technically an oil, we have not tested its effects on latex, so please take this into serious consideration. Otherwise, when we say it’s safe to use from ones’ head to ones’ toes – we mean it, folks!

How Do I HobaCare during my pregnancy? Now you know! I’ll be sure to update any interested readers on our use of jojoba for this baby’s inevitably precious skin. I hope to try out infant massage, I plan on using HobaCare for any diaper rash or cradle cap and I’ll certainly continue using jojoba for myself – I know it is wonderful for irritated delicate skin caused by the adventure of nursing! Of course, pregnancy is no guarantee of any outcome other than going on a personal journey and we wish all pregnant women much courage, deep self-compassion and as much wellness as possible! And we encourage any partners, sisters, mothers, supporters involved to give that mom to be a little shoulder massage with HobaCare Jojoba!

Ah…chamomile. Growing up, a bedtime ritual was a mug of Celestial Seasonings’ Sleepy Time tea, a blend of calming, sleep-promoting herbs, primary of which is chamomile. I adore the sweet apple-like fragrance of chamomile flowers (the Spanish word for chamomile is manzanilla or “little apple”) and growing it in my garden makes me, and the many pollinators found on the flowers on a sunny day, happy. Until several years ago I only used chamomile as a tea herb, whether on its own as a warm infusion (tisane) or blended into an herbal tea mix served warm or cold.

chamomile for skin

In time, I learned that chamomile also has benefit for our skin and now I love incorporating it into my skin care routine. Just as chamomile can calm and sooth our nerves, it can do the same for our skin when applied topically. I won’t make any medical claims here and encourage you to do your own research. Chamomile for the skin has documented use going back to the ancient Egyptian epoch as well as ancient Greek and Roman times. In your research you might find that the benefits of chamomile used topically may include helping to reduce redness, relieving irritation, evening & brightening skin tone, wound healing, sunburn support, and helping with acne. Chamomile is gentle and considered safe for baby’s skin and sensitive skin types (though patch testing is important whenever trying something new). Chamomile is in the aster family and while rare, some people report allergic reactions to it along with calendula, marigold, and other related flowers.

Making chamomile infused jojoba

High in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, chamomile flowers infused into a carrier oil bring those properties to our largest organ, the skin. When infused into jojoba (the preferred carrier here at The Original Jojoba Company, of course), chamomile’s benefits are delivered more deeply into the skin because of jojoba’s similarity to our own sebum and its superior penetrative qualities compared to oils (jojoba is a liquid wax ester, as so many of our customers know). The scent of chamomile-infused jojoba is almost as delicious as the herb itself and no matter what time of year transports me to a midsummer day in the garden.

chamomile infused jojoba

Interested in trying some for yourself? We are excited to announce our newest product, Chamomile Jojoba made with our organic jojoba extract and organic chamomile flowers. This infused jojoba can be used on the face, body, and in the hair as well. I love applying a few drops into my palms, rubbing my hands together and then gently rubbing into my face and through my hair. The aromatherapy benefit itself is worth it but I also love how soft it makes my skin feel and the fragrant shine it gives my hair.

Making chamomile infused jojoba

Want to make your own chamomile-infused jojoba at home? Take dried chamomile (your own or purchased from a reputable source) and put into a very clean jar. Add enough jojoba to cover the flowers by one or two inches, secure a lid on your jar and put somewhere cool and dark and shake daily. After at least 4 weeks, open your jar and smell. The longer you wait the most intense the fragrance will be. Once you like the chamomile scent of your jojoba, strain and filter out the herb, rebottle, and enjoy! If you’re using dried chamomile and jojoba, your infusion should last indefinitely. Whether you purchase our Chamomile Jojoba or make your own, let us know how you enjoy it!

chamomile infused jojoba

Other Infusions you can try to make:
Lavender Infused Jojoba
Arnica Infused Jojoba
HobaCare Balsam Jojoba
Calendula Infused Jojoba

Balsam Fir (Abies balsamea). Of our Northern conifers, the scent of balsam is arguably the most evocative, reminding many of us of Christmas trees or a hike in the woods. Here in Maine a common souvenir for tourists and locals alike is a small pillow or sachet filled with its fragrant dried needles. There are many uses for balsam fir but today I want to share one of my favorites: infusing balsam fir into jojoba for a fragrant treat for your skin and hair. If you’re eager to try this jojoba infusion but aren’t able to make it yourself, we’re releasing limited runs of our own HobaCare Balsam Jojoba and HobaCare Balsam Salve, made from winter-gathered Maine balsam fir. Either product makes a great gift for the bearded folks in your life as well as for anyone who loves the fragrance of the Maine woods.

Harvesting balsam to infuse with jojoba

It is important to properly identify a plant before using and of course that applies to balsam fir too. You can find plenty of good identification information on the internet, on certain plant ID phone apps, or in field guides for identifying trees. Most evergreens are safe to use but not all, so please be sure you know what you are using. You can harvest balsam fir at any point in the year. From spring into early summer here in Maine balsams put out their new growth at the tips, easily identified by their bright shade of green. When gathering balsam boughs for infusing, be judicious in how much you take from any one tree and certainly avoid any trees that might have been sprayed with pesticides or other chemicals. For a jojoba infusion you’ll use the needles and the smaller stems at the end of a bough.

Making balsam infused jojoba

Balsam fir infused jojoba can be made from freshly gathered material or you can leave it to dry out for a day or more after gathering before you make your infusion. If you’re gathering this time of year (here in the Northern Hemisphere) those light green new growth tips have a brighter, more lemony scent (to my nose anyway) than older growth needles and your resulting infused jojoba will reflect that seasonality. If you end up really loving your balsam jojoba infusion, I recommend trying to make some in different seasons (it’s nice to gather botanicals in winter while the rest of the plant world sleeps) and comparing the scent profiles of the finished product.

Cari Processing balsam to infuse in jojoba

After I gather balsam boughs, I work with a section of bough about a foot long at a time and carefully inspect the needles and stems for any foreign material (an errant cobweb, leaves or other detritus from neighboring trees) and remove any yellowed or brown needles. Once I’ve thoroughly gone over this section of balsam fir, I take a small pair of garden snips (use whatever is comfortable in your hands-pruning clippers or small shears work fine too) and cut the needles and stems into a very clean (preferably sanitized) glass jar. You can keep the balsam in larger pieces as they go into the jar if you prefer but the more surface area you expose to the jojoba, the sooner the jojoba will take on that delicious balsam scent. I like snipping the needles in half parallel to the stem so that every needle is at least cut in half, and then cutting the balsam stems into small pieces. There are infinite proportions of balsam fir to jojoba that you could use but the simplest method is simply to fill the jar you’re using loosely with balsam fir (I don’t recommend packing the jar too tightly with needles/stems) and once filled, pour jojoba slowly into the jar, poking a clean knife or other object into the jar to remove any air pockets and ensure that the jojoba has dispersed throughout. Once the jojoba comes to the top of your jar, make sure the fir is submerged, and cover. You can keep this jar in a dark cupboard or anywhere out of bright sunlight while it infuses and when you think of it, give the jar a good shake (daily is ideal).

How to Make Balsam Infused Jojoba

How long you infuse your jojoba with balsam fir is completely up to you. The beauty of using jojoba in herbal infusions like this is that thanks to its shelf stability you don’t have to worry about your finished product going bad (provided you’re using dried material or material with low water content like balsam fir). If you want to speed the infusion process up you can add gentle heat without worrying that the heat will degrade the jojoba (another benefit of jojoba over other carrier oils that can degrade with added heat). I recommend infusing your jojoba for at least 4-6 weeks at room temperature, checking every few days to see how you like the scent. If you want to speed up the process you can put the balsam jojoba in the top of a double boiler at very low heat for a few hours, making sure it doesn’t ‘cook’ the needles and stems, or you can set the jar in a slow cooker filled with water that comes at least halfway up the outside of your jar on low heat to gently infuse. Again, the key is to check on your infusion to make sure it doesn’t get too hot and to stop the infusing when the jojoba has that delicious balsam scent.

Making Balsam Infused Jojoba at home

Once you’re happy with your infusion’s fragrance, strain out the balsam from the jojoba. I like to strain twice, once through a fine mesh colander to get the bulk of the balsam out and then again through a piece of finely woven unbleached cotton or a coffee filter to remove anything other than jojoba. Transfer your infused balsam jojoba into a clean bottle and enjoy! What can you do with balsam fir infused jojoba? First and foremost, use it on your skin and hair to impart that wonderful balsam scent as well as to moisturize and condition. (As with all new products, be sure to patch test your infusion as there are infrequent cases of people having sensitivities to balsam.) Balsam jojoba makes a delightful beard oil. I like to work a little bit into my hair for gloss, conditioning, and, again, that smell! You can read a lot of information online about balsam fir’s potential benefits to the skin and to health. I recommend starting here and here . We don’t make any claims here at The Original Jojoba Company but purported benefits may include aiding the circulation system when rubbed into the skin, as an aid for colds/bronchitis if the infused oil is rubbed into the chest (many conifers have an affinity for the respiratory system), and to relieve sore muscles. Of course the aromatherapy benefits of balsam fir are not a small part of its appeal!

Wildcrafted Balsam Infused Jojoba for sale

We hope this inspires some of you reading to try making your own balsam infused jojoba. If you make your own or try ours, we’d love to hear what you think! If you can't find balsam, or don't want to take the time to make an infusion we’re releasing limited runs of our own HobaCare Balsam Jojoba and HobaCare Balsam Salve. This batch is made from from winter-gathered Maine balsam fir.

Other Infusions you can try to make:
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Chamomile Infused Jojoba
Calendula Infused Jojoba

In early 2019, with an eye to refreshing our brand after many years, The Original Jojoba Company embarked on a rebranding journey and we thought our customers might be interested to learn more about the process and how our new look and feel came to be.

jojoba rebrand

After speaking with a few Maine design firms, we chose Might & Main in Portland to partner with to update our brand. Why did we want to overhaul our look? There were several reasons but among the foremost was the fact that our labels and overall look hadn’t changed much in the years since our company was founded in 1994. After our founder Bob Butler sold the company to a cooperative of jojoba growers in Israel in late 2018 and retired, we wanted to refresh our look and emphasize the agricultural roots of our product now that we were directly connected to the farmers who supply our pure jojoba extract. You’ll see that in the artwork our designers gave us our new stylized jojoba seeds, flowers, and leaves.

HobaCare Rebrand launch

We also wanted to differentiate ourselves better in the marketplace. There is a lot of jojoba for sale out there but HobaCare is the only first-press quality jojoba on the market, meaning extract that’s been lightly pressed to our exact specifications, resulting in a lighter, more quickly-absorbing, practically odorless product, different from any others. We wanted labels and an overall brand strategy that emphasized our commitment to quality and uniqueness. We think that our new look delivers on all points.

Because jojoba is a liquid wax ester, not actually an oil (you might notice that we never call ours “jojoba oil” despite that being the common term), its shelf life is indefinite and while sunlight may eventually lighten the color of jojoba it won’t oxidize in the bottle and therefore amber-colored packaging is unnecessary. We wanted to continue to showcase the beautiful color of our jojoba and with our new clear labels on our clear bottles, you can see even more of our beautiful golden jojoba.

organic first press quality jojoba

As part of our rebranding process and to minimize confusion, we have fully embraced HobaCare as our brand name across all of our products. Instead of differentiating between Pesticide-free and Organic, and to bring our Jojoba Baby line in with the rest of the family, we now offer HobaCare, HobaCare Organic, HobaCare Baby, and HobaCare Baby Organic. Soon our website will officially be hobacare.com (but don’t worry, jojobacompany.com will still get you to us).

We embarked on our rebrand with the following aspiration: The Original Jojoba Company is the best producer of the purest quality jojoba extract in the world, unrefined and unfussed with.

Our customers know and love our jojoba because of its exceptional quality. Our hope is that with our brand refresh our visual identity gives new and potential customers an immediate sense of the high-quality nature of what’s inside each bottle. We want to thank the creative and patient team at Might & Main for working with us over the past year to make our rebrand a reality and to give thanks to our many customers who have been patiently waiting for this change and encouraging us every time we’ve posted a sneak peek of our new look. We hope you love it as much as we do and that we can continue to provide you with the very best jojoba in the world.

jojoba for babies

using jojoba on pets

From Cari, our Director of Strategic Growth:
"If one of my house cats gets a hot spot, I use plain or calendula infused jojoba to treat it. I also have three pet goats and one of them tends to get dry, flaky skin this time of year. Brushing a small amount of jojoba through her coat helps soothe her dry skin and gives her fur a glossy shine." (see Bella the goat below)

Using jojoba on livestock

Here's a link to our blog post on how to use jojoba on hot spots and how to make calendula infused jojoba to use on hot spots.

From Hillary, our Customer Care Lead:
“Aside from using HobaCare Jojoba daily for my face and body, I love knowing I can use it on my pets (and recommend it safely to friends with animals). One of my older cats needed regular transdermal medicine, applied to the bare skin of the inside of his ear. The medicine was very helpful, however it did cause quite a bit of drying out of that poor sensitive skin area. Knowing Jojoba is non-toxic, we applied it regularly, massaging a few drops gently onto his chapped ear and it helped soothe the irritation and bring balance back to a such a rough spot. He stopped trying to scratch at that dry skin and let the medicine do its job.” (Arthur is pictured below)

Using jojoba on cats ears

From Susy, our Digital Content manager:
"We use jojoba on any hot spots that show up on cats or dogs. Since we heat with wood, the cats get a bit of dry flaky skin in winter and we put jojoba on their coats to help. If any of the pets get a superficial wound, we often condition it with calendula infused jojoba. It's also wonderful for cleaning dog ears, it soothes the ears and helps release wax. Our chickens also will get a foot treatment of jojoba mixed with tea tree oil or neem if scaly leg mites every show, two treatments one week apart usually does the trick to get rid of those pesky mites and their feet are healthy again in no time." (Dexter is pictured below)

Using Jojoba on pets

From Missy Vigue - Washington, Maine
"I was attending a local craft fair when came upon the jojoba table. Brian offered me a sample size, and I tucked it away. Around this time my oldest dog was at the vets when they discovered a hotspot. The vet prescribed some antibiotics, but I didn't see fast healing. I knew jojoba oil had many healing properties, especially with skin conditions. After reading that it was not toxic for animals, I treated My dog's inflamed area. It was raw, scabby, and quite itchy. I treated the spot directly, massaging through the hair to her skin. I also covered that area with a shirt, to ensure our dog would leave that area alone. Within days, I noticed an improvement. The hotspot area was much less inflamed looking, returning to a healthier pink skin tone. The scabs resolved within a week. Within two weeks, hair growth was noticeable in the area. It has been a lifesaver, and I even use it as a general conditioner in these dry winter conditions for our dog's coat. I'm so happy to have benefited from this wonderful product." (see Maggie, the Collie below)

using jojoba on hot spots on dogs

Over the coming months we will be sharing posts about how our staff uses our jojoba themselves in our new #HowDoYouHobaCare campaign. Today’s post is from Cari Balbo, our Director of Strategic Growth.


Hello from Palermo, Maine! When I'm not in the office you can usually find me on my small homestead here where my husband and I are working to restore our circa 1830 farmhouse and barn while raising a few animals, growing vegetables and lots of herbs. Many of those herbs get infused into HobaCare Jojoba, for personal use and for my herbal skincare business, Ridge Pond Herbals (more about all that below).

golden jojoba for skin and hair

Jojoba has a seemingly limitless number of uses (see here for our previous posts about all the many ways to use jojoba). I personally use our jojoba most often for my skin and hair. HobaCare is different from other jojoba you can buy because our farmers give the seeds a light, first-pressing (maximizing quality of the extract over quantity extracted) that results in a lighter feel in the final product, virtually no scent, and never any tackiness/stickiness. Because jojoba is so similar to our skin’s own sebum, jojoba won’t clog the pores and absorbs readily into the skin. I use jojoba on my face to oil cleanse and to moisturize (it makes a great one-ingredient silky facial serum) as well as an all over body moisturizer. I especially love using my own herbal-infused HobaCare Jojoba to bring added skin benefit. My favorite way to use jojoba in my hair is to either apply a small amount throughout my hair while it’s still wet from washing, or just a bit (a few drops rubbed into my hands) on my hair ends when dry to add shine and minimize frizz and flyaways.

making calendula infused jojoba

Jojoba has a myriad of uses in and outside of the home. My husband has a pair of leather shoes he conditions with our jojoba (see more about conditioning leather here). Jojoba helps removes those annoying labels that won’t come off jars easily. It keeps garden tools rust-free and working smoothly. And because jojoba is nontoxic, for humans and animals, it’s safe to use on our pets and other furry friends. We have house cats and if one of them gets a hot spot, jojoba can be used to treat it. We also have three goats and one of them tends to get dry, flaky skin this time of year. Brushing a small amount of jojoba through her coat helps her skin and gives her fur a glossy shine.

using jojoba on goats

Finally, I use a lot of HobaCare Organic Jojoba for my own herbal skincare business, Ridge Pond Herbals, which I run in addition to working for The Original Jojoba Company. From the outset of launching Ridge Pond Herbals in 2015, HobaCare was the only jojoba I sourced for my products because I knew the quality was superior and because I loved that it was a local Maine company. I include jojoba in quite a few of my products but I especially love infusing jojoba with herbs before adding them to recipes. One of my best sellers, and my favorite infusion to use on my own skin, is calendula-infused jojoba. Using the dried flowers of bright orange and resin-rich calendula varieties that I grow on my farm results in a gorgeously orange final product. Other favorite herbs to infuse singly (or combined) into jojoba are roses, lavender, balsam fir, arnica, and St. John’s Wort. Because jojoba’s chemical composition (technically it’s a liquid wax) is so similar to our own skin, jojoba sinks deeply into the epidermis. When infused with an herb that has skin benefit such as anti-inflammatory calendula or soothing rose, jojoba will bring those properties more deeply into the skin.

Jojoba Salve & Lip Balm

Over the past several months I've been formulating new jojoba-based products for The Original Jojoba Company, including Hand & Cuticle Salve (currently sold out), HobaCare Simple Salve, HobaCare Original Lip Balm, HobaCare Balsam Jojoba and HobaCare Balsam Salve, all of which you can find on our Shop Now page. Stay tuned for more new products coming soon including a vegan-friendly salve as well as other herbal-infused jojoba products.

Those are some of the ways I use HobaCare Jojoba for my skin, hair, and more. How do you HobaCare?

When you post to social channels, use #HowDoYouHobaCare & #HobaCare so we can see them and share them (you may even be selected to win a prize)

From what we have heard from the CDC, regular handwashing with soap and water is really your best bet during our management of Covid-19. We greatly encourage everyone to keep it up! And remember, to prevent or repair your hands from drying and chapping from all the soap, keep a bottle of HobaCare Jojoba by your sink. Just a couple of drops on the backs of your hands after washing really helps to combat the effects of our current, necessary routines. Or if it's easier, a bottle by the bedside can be a reminder to slather on some of the golden goodness and let your skin soothe and soften while sleeping!

HobaCare Hand Sanitizer

However, if your job takes you out into the world, or you temporarily do not have access to a handwashing station or supplies, hand sanitizer can step in to help minimize risks.
We have been glad to see some hand sanitizers become available again for purchase online and in some stores, but if you are lucky enough to have some ingredients at home, you can make your own for yourself or a friend.

Isopropyl alcohol, aloe vera gel - either from the plant or store-bought and jojoba make a great, simple hand sanitizer. In order for it to be effective, you must adjust your recipe depending on the strength of your Isopropyl Alcohol. There are several resources online to help with proportions, so we encourage due diligence with fact-checking. From what we have seen, it appears you need a minimum proportion of 60% alcohol in order to kill the germs alcohol kills.

This means you'll need to check the strength of your Isopropyl Alcohol and adjust your recipe below:

In general, it is a 2:1 measurement of alcohol to moisturizer.

  • 99% Isopropyl Alcohol - 2 parts alcohol to 1 part moisturizer (2/3 cup to 1/3 cup)
  • 91% Isopropyl Alcohol - 3 parts alcohol to 1 part moisturizer (3/4 cup to 1/4 cup)
  • 70% Isopropyl Alcohol - 9 parts alcohol to 1 part moisturizer (9 tablespoons to 1 tablespoon)

For that nice gel feeling, using mostly aloe vera for the moisturizer with some generous splashes of jojoba for extra softening and conditioning works nicely. *Please note: Pure aloe vera can turn a brown color due to oxidization, however, from what we've researched, it doesn't cause harm from turning brown, it just looks.. surprising! If you can refrigerate your mixture, this may help the browning from happening.

If you only have Isopropyl Alcohol and Jojoba, you could try using just Jojoba as the sole moisturizer and see how it feels. It wouldn't be your typical sanitizer texture, but your hands sure would feel soft after using the mixture!

With clean hands and utensils, simply mix your ingredients together - you can even add a few drops of your favorite essential oils for extra antibacterial or aromatherapeutic benefits (please be sure to do full research on essential oils and possible side effects before using and use minimal amounts). Allow a bit of space in the bottle you pour your mixture into, so you can give your sanitizer a shake before using it. As with store-bought sanitizers, give your hands about a minute to dry (while rubbing it in) for best efficacy.

alcohol, jojoba, aloe

*We do not advise use on children - best if they stick to proper hand washing instead.

We are thinking of all of you and wishing you much wellness amidst these current challenges. Please keep in touch with us as we make it through to the next chapter together.


I don't know what I did before I started using your product.
It is by far the finest skin care product I have ever used.

Nanci L. Maloney

I've been a masseuse for eleven years and your jojoba extract is the best stuff I've ever used! It's economical, clean, and every one of my clients like it.

Genie Robinson, RMT

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I have had the pleasure of working with your excellent Jojoba for 11 years as a massage therapist and also for personal use. I have occasionally tried other highly regarded massage oils and lotions over the years but always come back to your product. It is simply the best!

Janet Walker

Your customer service is impeccable and goes above and beyond. It is so refreshing!


I ordered one gallon of jojoba online yesterday afternoon and I received it this morning at 9:30!!!!!
Thank you so much for your prompt service.

Sarah Litchfield, LMT

I just wanted to email to say that I'm so in love with Jojoba.

Aly Willard

I love this product. My esthetician had been using it on my skin for years. Trusting her knowledge of skincare and product-lines for the last 20+years, I decided to wean myself from traditional body moisturizers in 2018, and transition to jojoba oil for my basic skin care moisturization.


I've ordered jojoba before and your jojoba is leaps and bounds above any other. I could immediately feel the difference in the way it looks, smells & feels on my skin. The first thought in my head was that this is truly an elegant product. I'm glad I purchased it.

Robyne Lopez

There are some Maine products that serve us well through the sweltering days of August to the frigid days of January and every day in between. Jojoba is one of them!

Jann Minzy

I did a lot of research on what to use on my skin and then where to get it. I know I made the right choice.