Missing the Common Ground Fair

Hillary, our Customer Care Lead, has been working the HobaCare booth at the Common Ground Fair for many years. Being the one in the office with the most experience, we had her write up a post about why we will miss being at the fair this year.

Common Ground Fair Vendor Booth

One of the biggest reasons the Common Ground Fair holds such a special place in my heart is because the very first year our company set up our booth I ended up meeting my future husband. He recognized our company due to having used HobaCare Jojoba on the tools he helped create while working at Lie-Nielsen Toolworks in Warren, Maine. As we became friends and later partners (him helping at our booth each year as an enthusiastic HobaCare user), I worked my seventh fair finally married to this catch!

Common Ground Fair Romance

There’s so much more to Common Ground than romance, although the fair as a whole is easy for me to heartily romanticize. I bet most people can agree there is a certain special “vibe” to this event. The combination of the time of year, late September being such a golden time of Maines seasons, the out of ordinary planning to camp for three days amongst friendly strangers, the scent of pine trees, coffee and chai on your morning walk through woods or fields to start the day and the sense that people from truly all walks of life are sincerely welcomed for three days of community spirit, education and finding that perfect product to take home.

Common Ground Fair Unity Maine

There is so much familiarity, tradition and camaraderie at Common Ground. Not only are all the vendors unique, fascinating people from all over the state, with wonderful products – they inevitably behave in an encouraging manner much more so than competitors, vying for sales. Most of us are camping, we all have to wait in line for the porta-potty situation, we all endure the foul weather if it strikes, we all brave the absolutely thick sea of attendees to try to find lunch and scurry back to our booths, we all work long days standing and speaking for 99% of the time that we all feel sore and hoarse by the time we roll into our tents, cars or campers – yet, there is always a spirit of cheer, appreciation and good humor amongst one another that is much, much larger than any weariness. We are all truly glad to be there.

Common Ground Fair Unity Maine

Working at The Fair seems to be a naturally bonding experience. I’ve made some of my best memories with coworkers turned forever friends at this event.

Then there are the customers! Talk about cheer. It never fails to feel heartwarming to be so well received by returning customers, who shower us in enthusiasm that they’ve found us once again. We are so grateful to hear so many stories about how glad they are they tried HobaCare Jojoba the year before, what it’s done for their skin, how they plan to make their own home recipes with it and even introducing us to their new babies who are benefitting from their parents impeccable skincare product choices. We look forward to each and every one of those connecting moments.

Common Ground Fair Unity Maine

There have been several times we’ve had these very same repeat customers do our job for us, as they recognize a new-to-jojoba attendee walk past trying to figure out what it is we sell. They’ll reach right out and tell them to try a sample, with a description of why they love using jojoba. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Common Ground Fair Unity Maine

We will fondly miss the whole experience this year – our booth neighbors, the smells of Sweet Annie, the amazing livestock sightings, sounds of the parade going by and those fried shitake mushroom treats among other delicious meals. We greatly look forward to being able to attend again when it is possible!



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I also feel good that by using your product I'm doing everything I can to protect the new mother and delicate new life in my care - no chemicals, preservatives, or pesticides here, thank you very much.

Sara Garvin, LMT

After few days of using it, I must admit that the product has proved itself beyond my expectations! My 4 year old son was suffering from a red bottom due to frequent wetting. Since I've used the Jojoba, his skin is bright, clean, and with no signs of red. I'm very grateful to you.

Orit Vainer

I love how it absorbs into the skin and leaves it silky smooth, what a fantastic carrier it is for essential oils, that it doesn't go rancid, so my sheets remain sweet-smelling and that the (jojoba) is so stable with an incredible shelf-life. What's not to love?

Annie/Arianna Mitchell, LMP

I’ve used other jojoba extracts and this one is by far superior.


I did a lot of research on what to use on my skin and then where to get it. I know I made the right choice.


The glide is perfect and I have yet to find another product that can rival its positive effects on the skin. And as a therapist who does mostly medical work, it is a wonderful thing to have found a product that none of my clients are allergic to.

Jessica Collishaw

After more than 20 years of practice I have used numerous products. The Jojoba Oil is superior to any and all.

Elizabeth Berks

Thank you so much for providing a wonderful product. I have been using your golden jojoba in my skincare products for many years and all my customers (and me) love it.


Your customer service is impeccable and goes above and beyond. It is so refreshing!


Your product is amazing and I couldn't be happier with it. It is high quality which is what I strive for in my own practice.

Julie Paus