Customer Testimonials & Kind Words

Greetings. I received your fine jojoba the other day and needless to say I am very happy. One thing I would (add) to your bulleted massage list is something along the lines of this: You have heard that a late-phase Type I hypersensitivity reaction can be brought about by the use of lotions and oils containing safflower, soy, almond, sunflower and corn oils. This is a reaction your client may never tell you about. Wouldn't you love to know you are using the most hypoallergenic product available?

Jojoba is your answer. I also thought you'd like to know what I've found due to your (jojoba). It provides excellent grip as well as slide. As you stated does not require much, which is most definitely a benefit when you consider that the client does not feel "oily" when they leave. Thanks again.

Lea McAndrews
Fresno, CA

After visiting your booth at a massage conference a couple of years ago, I began using the pesticide-free HobaCare and have since moved to using it almost exclusively for my massage clients. I continue to receive positive comments about how smooth it feels and how well it absorbs without feeling oily. I also appreciate it because I can work slowly and retain plenty of contact, yet by adding a bit more I get a smooth glide.

I also work in an office doing training development, so I am not a full-time therapist. But this allows me to tailor my practice by regularly working with those clients with which I am best suited, knowing that my regular bills are already provided by a paycheck. It also allows me to seek out opportunities of interest without as much concern for high prices or client numbers. While I would like to eventually grow my own business into a thriving healing center, I do this because I love it and am satisfied with working slowly toward that goal. I also do not accept tips, as I strive to encourage the profession of massage by behaving as any other health care professional. I also feel that each client should receive the highest level of attention each and every time. Whether a client saved for months to see me, or views the rate as pocket change, he or she deserves the same quality of service.

Oklahoma City, OK

Hello I just would like to commend you on this awesome stuff you produce!!! I am currently transitioning from a relaxer to natural hair so I was looking for more organic products and I came across your website. When i received it and tried it, I was so amazed how my skin felt and my hair it felt like velvet lol. Please, please, please don't ever go anywhere we need you this stuff is the real deal keep up the great work!!!

Philadelphia, PA

Hello, The web site is very nice. I especially enjoy the educational material available; and, you might be interested to know that I am blind, and using screen reading software called JAWS, and your web site is completely accessible, and I am grateful for that. A very nice business experience for me indeed!

Thank You!

Lansing, MI

I am so grateful for HobaCare Jojoba , as I use it for my hair. As soon as my hair dries, it is immediately frizzy and feels very dry. Never have I seen my hair calm or filled with shine. One day...I received HobaCare as a gift from my neighbor and didn't know what to do with it. After about two months of it sitting in the cabinet, I put it in my damp hair. After my hair dried, it was miraculous!! My hair was covered with shine and luster and was so thin and easy to handle. I can not stop thanking The Jojoba Company (and my friend)!

Manhattan, NY

First time to your site. Looks great! My wife loves using the jojoba on our infants as a moisturizer! Thanks for a great product!

Jason B.
Union, ME

We have been using Hobacare for nearly two years now and have found our family's skin is amazing looking - which is truly a feat considering the eczema and dry skin that so plagues us!

Thanks for sending some to our doctors - seriously - they currently have no clue except to stand firm with petro-chemicals (Vaseline, lotions) and have many clients struggling with dry skin issues. We all are benefitting but our youngest son is the poster child - he has it the worst and for a couple of years now, as long as we slick him up with jojoba after every bath, he's golden. When we run out, it takes about three days and his skin starts to go sandpaper and he itches like crazy, and it takes another three-five days of Jojoba applications to bring him back to normal again.

So many babies and children suffer so and there is just no better emollient out there that can beat pure jojoba. I particularly have been so pleased with your company's product for it's high and consistent quality. It took me five years to finally land on the simple power of Jojoba. If our docs would have handed me a sample years ago, it would have spared us years of trial and error. Relief accomplished!

Heather B.

I ordered and received some of your jojoba a little while ago and I cannot get over what an incredible product it is. It does not smell, it absorbs very quickly and is the only jojoba I will use for my perfumes and for my personal face and hair care.

Fabulous, fabulous stuff!

Sarah L.
Los Angeles, CA

I started out trying the jojoba on an older leather day planner that I have. It is in very good condition, so I didn't think I would see much of a difference. Boy, was I wrong! I didn't realize how dull it was until I used the jojoba on it. I applied liberally with a soft cloth, wiped off the excess, let it sit overnight & then buffed it lightly with a microfiber cloth. It looks beautiful. The leather is a black cherry/burgundy color, and the jojoba gave it a beautiful sheen! I put a drop of water on it to see what would happen, it just beaded up & when I blotted it with a cloth, there was no watermark at all. I have done a couple of my purses now & the difference is unbelievable. I am very happy that I don't need to worry about additional waterproofing (especially as we live in Washington). I am going to use this on my families leather shoes & boots, too. I always love finding additional uses for my jojoba, each new use means one less chemical product in my home. I will always have jojoba in my home & will encourage others to, also. Thanks again fro your prompt reply & helpful information. I find it refreshing to do business with a company where the service & product is so excellent!

Silverdale, WA

I wanted to let you know how much I love your USDA NOP certified 100% organic jojoba. In my six years of practice as a Massage Therapist I have never been a fan of oil. In fact the only time I used oil was for Hot Stone Therapy. I found your product while browsing the web for organic oils; I have always preferred pure jojoba to oils. What I love the most is how non-greasy your jojoba is. I use Myofascial Release quite alot which is something that must be done before applying lotion to be done properly. I have found with your pure HobaCare Jojoba I can incorporate myo with my deep tissue sessions and have the same results as if I have used no lubricants. This allows me to really meet the clients' needs much more intuitively without worrying that I have already used lotion on my hands. Thank you!

Wendy Latty, NCTMB
Camp Hill, PA