Customer Testimonials & Kind Words

Let me please thank you very much for the bottle of Jojoba. I was very hesitatant to use it, thinking that it's just one more advertisement step, taken by a smart sales man, who was looking for increasing his income... After few days of using it, I must admit that the product has proved itself beyond my expectations! My 4 year old son was suffering from a red bottom due to frequent wetting. Since I've used the Jojoba, his skin is bright, clean, and with no signs of red. I'm very grateful to you.

Orit Vainer
Jerusalem, Israel

I want to tell you I've been a loyal customer since 2003 when I enrolled in massage therapy school. I use your wonderful product daily in my own practice, as well as for my personal use. My skin feels wonderful, and my clients & family love it (some have skin disorders have greatly improved since their use of Hobacare). My sincere thanks for such an awesome product.

Tara Okoney
Plainfield, CT

I really like your product and have referred many clients/other therapists to your company. I know it is the genuine product by how it feels and smells. One time when on vacation in Texas I bought jojoba oil and it was mixed with other oils. It didn't smell the same or function like HobaCare Jojoba. The Jojoba esters is an excellent bodywork tool (multiple treatment modalities) as well as at home for my skin. I've even used it to mix with essential oils and given it as a gift. I am ordering the organic jojoba this time because I have extremely sensitive energy and after testing energetically found the organic was better for me as the therapist. Thank you!

Jonna Climie
Janina Wellness Center

Why do I prefer using jojoba for my daughter? Two years ago, my daughter Hila was born. I immediately paid attention to her sensitive skin (like mine), for dryness and allergies. The skin medicines that I've received from the hospital have caused her much dry skin and even skin wounds. I looked for a natural organic solution, one that won't cause any further damage to her skin. Then, then my father told me I should put jojoba on my daughter's skin and on my skin, too. This is an amazing material, which by a miracle, caused all the bad symptoms on her skin, to immediately vanish. Her skin has become smooth, elastic, and vital.

A few examples:

  1. Dry skin near the knee. By massaging it a few times with organic Jojoba, after the shower, relief followed in a few days.
    2.Diaper rash on the baby's bottom. By washing and using the organic jojoba for a few days, this problem has gone away.
    3.During the summer time, dryness and grit on my baby's scalp, was successfully eliminated with your organic jojoba.

I'm warmly recommending to all the mothers who have young kids, to keep Organic jojoba at their homes and to use it with no hesitation.

A Happy Mother

I'm writing to heap praise on Hobacare jojoba. I was experimenting with different products shortly after graduating from massage school, and at the recommendation of another therapist bought a liter of HobaCare. Very quickly I abandoned all the other products in favor of HobaCare. I'd found the one - it's better and more adaptable than any other massage product out there. Even though I've only ordered 2 liters in three years, I thought you might like to know that I talk up your product every chance I get. I'm sure I'm the lowest of your low-volume but I consider myself a loyal customer. Every one of your claims are true - the lack of staining and smell, the affinity with the skin, and my clients love that they don't get up from the table feeling like greased pigs (my words). Of course, as a massage therapist, none of that would matter if the grip and glide weren't perfect... and they are.

I recently added Hot Stone Massage to my repertoire, and as it requires quite a bit more oil than I usually use, I'm sure I'll be upgrading to the gallon size for my next order! I have noticed that the combination of the heat and Hobacare has the pleasant side effect of beautifully softened skin. I've noticed a big improvement in the clients who suffer from dry and rough winter skin.

Sara Garvin, LMT

I have a bottle of your HobaCare on my desk and use it regularly. It's great for dry skin and helps heal scratches too. I just made a commercial for you!


...thanks for such an excellent product! I have been using HobaCare exclusively in my massage practice since 2001, and I wouldn't even consider using any other (product). I love how it absorbs into the skin and leaves it silky smooth, what a fantastic carrier it is for essential oils, that it doesn't go rancid, so my sheets remain sweet-smelling and that the (jojoba) is so stable with an incredible shelf-life. What's not to love? Thanks again for your wonderful (jojoba) and great customer service!

Annie/Arianna Mitchell, LMP

I just read your letter informing your customers of the sale of your Arizona farm. I'm sure that it WAS a difficult, albeit necessary, decision. I have been a customer of yours for several years and I intend to continue to be. I have always been completely satisfied with the quality of the product and the service. I wouldn't even think of going elsewhere. I like to support my local merchants, especially when I receive great service and product! I live in NH but, technically speaking, we are practically neighbors. I'm a massage therapist and I believe I was using jojoba oil (for massage) before it was popular, in my area anyway. I like to consider myself a "purist" and, after researching the different "oils", made my decision to go with jojoba. After reading all about it, I didn't see how I could go wrong. And, I am free to mix it with the appropriate essential oils, per individual client. I love it for my clients and use it as a moisturizer and cleanser for my makeup for myself, everyday.

Terry Webster
Goffstown, NH

I have been a massage therapist for seven years now and have been using your product since getting out of school in 2001. I remember the first gallon I bought, it lasted me almost three years and spent quite a bit of time in storage. It was exposed to cold and solidified a few times, was exposed to heat and got quite warm a few times and never did the quality of the product change. Although I knew when I bought it that it doesn't go rancid, even through such conditions, it still managed to amaze me.


I have been using your product for years and I love it! It is the only product I use for the face and body! I have another use to share with you... it heals cradle cap! My son had it and I would rub the jojoba on his head, then comb through his hair. Thank you!

Debra Peters