Customer Testimonials & Kind Words

Your product is far superior compared to those that I have tried and used. Your company can back-up every word that you say about HobaCare Jojoba. It is excellent for hot/warm stone therapy as well as any modalities or massage techniques where you need to count on ultimate glide without impaired grip. Even though I ordered only one gallon to try the product, as I build my clientele and educate them about HobaCare, I'm sure they too will become loyal customers.

Please keep my name on your mailing list.

Robert S. Mendoza, RMT
Crosby, TX

Just a quick note to say my order arrived yesterday and HobaCare is by far the most superior Jojoba I've ever used! It is, among other things, an amazing skin and hair conditioner and I will definitely be reordering in the future. Thank you for such a quality product!

N. Luce
VA Beach, VA

I recently learned of something that I have been sharing with others. I learned of using baking soda and water (mixed in hands) and gently massaged onto your face(or body) to cleanse. I recommend splashing the mixture of baking soda off with water versus using a cloth. The cloth tends to be a little abrasive. From there I have been using, and telling others to use, your jojoba extract.

I learned of the baking soda/water mixture through a caller who wanted to share with listeners on the television program "Your Health With Doug Kaufmann."

His website is www.iknowthecause.comThe caller actually has people stop her and ask what she uses on her skin. She stated the baking/soda and water mixture and her moisturizer (which she didn't name). I happen to use the jojoba extract as my moisturizer. Perfect combo and very inexpensive. My skin has improved dramatically since I first started using HobaCare on my face and even more changes in the past few days using the baking soda as a cleanser. I want to share this with others as we all need to feel good about our skin and the aging process that takes place.

Thank you again!

Patty Gaffer, LMT
Lima, OH

I bought some of your... HobaCare... when my daughter was a baby and I would like some more. I got it on vacation at a spa. I really like it for her cradle-cap and diaper rash. I now have dry scalp and I would like some more...

Esther Diener
Goshen, IN

We just did our living room table with HobaCare again and are pleased. By the way, it also waterproofs leather. My work shoes were unusually porous for such. Put on a heavy dose of HobaCare and then waded in river's edge several days after and then 10 days later. Felt no leakage. You can quote me in your ads!

Pike Messenger
Middleton, MA

I had heard about your product several months ago. I was not able to find your website at the time because I was spelling it JojobaCare. Recently, I was in the market for a new massage therapist so I began calling around to see if anyone in my area used your product. I found one, Ultimate Escape Day Spa (, and then when I got a massage the other day I bought a bottle of your product.

I used it for several days after shower and love it! But the real kicker is this... for several months my skin had been out of control. Breaking out and flaky dry, which made it hard to correct one without irritating the other. I decided to look at your website, now that I had the URL, and was searching to see if I could find reference to using it on the face and if was non-comedogenic. As you know, it did say that so I decided to try it, thinking not much could make my skin worse at this point because my skin actually hurt it was so dry and flaky. (Looked horrible too) I have been using it on my face for only 2 days now, morning and night. And I am amazed! My skin isn't flaking, and is clearing up quicker than I have seen anything work and my skin is soft. I put it on right after I wash my face, before my regular lotion. I haven't changed anything else so I think my results must be a direct result of your product! Thank you so much! I have e-mailed my friends and family with your website link.

Kristal A. Stilley
Olathe, Kansas

I am the mother of a nine-month old daughter who has been battling leukemia for the past five months.

During her first round of chemotherapy, we found that one of the many side effects of the treatment was terrible diarrhea, which deteriorated the skin in her diaper area quickly and extensively. The hospital's skin care team offered their hospital wide solution to this type of problem, which failed, and her skin only got worse. After some experimenting of our own, we found the best treatment was to clean her skin with soft cotton cloths dampened with water and jojoba... followed by a protective barrier of a zinc oxide cream. This method was much gentler to her sensitive baby skin and provided another protective barrier to the chemically saturated diarrhea. We have continued to use this method for diaper changes and our more rounds of chemotherapy later we have yet to see any skin breakdown!

Thank you for improving the quality of little one's life with your wonderful product.

Heather de Bethencourt
North Billerica, MA

I am so happy that I have discovered your product. When I get the big bottle, I will use it all over. Thanks again.

Mary E. Morello
Medford, MA

I am emailing to let you know that I placed an order tonight for a gallon of organic jojoba. I like the jojoba very much and I think it is the best option for use in my massage practice. I have a small practice, which I am just beginning, so I will not order very frequently. But, I will tell anyone who asks where to go to buy such good quality jojoba at a reasonable price.

My one friend who is a massage therapist told me that jojoba was too expensive. But, after using the jojoba, I find that it is not expensive at all. A small amount of jojoba goes a long way. I found that an ounce of jojoba was more than enough to use for one complete body massage. That's only about 50 cents per person. That's significantly cheaper than the creams I have tried, some of which cost almost $3 per person!

Coleen McFarland
Lorain, Ohio

I want to let you know that I continue to give your website out to many of my clients, friends and family. It is a terrific product and I appreciate knowing that I have you for a resource.