Customer Testimonials

I bought some of your... HobaCare... when my daughter was a baby and I would like some more. I got it on vacation at a spa. I really like it for her cradle-cap and diaper rash. I now have dry scalp and I would like some more...

Esther Diener
Goshen, IN

We just did our living room table with HobaCare again and are pleased. By the way, it also waterproofs leather. My work shoes were unusually porous for such. Put on a heavy dose of HobaCare and then waded in river's edge several days after and then 10 days later. Felt no leakage. You can quote me in your ads!

Pike Messenger
Middleton, MA

This e-mail to inform you that my order arrived yesterday (within 3 days!). After trying it, I can confirm that your Jojoba is a great product at a very low price (compared to Europe...) I will very certainly place an order again once my liter bottle is empty!

Anne Krother

I have used your jojoba product exclusively for my massage practice since February 1995. I have never had any stains on my sheets or clothing from your product. I wash my sheets with hot water, Tide with bleach and PurePro orange (this makes my sheets smell good). I usually wash my sheets the same day of use since I do my own laundry. My sheets look great for a long time. I normally purchase new sheets every 6 months only because I feel like I should. My clients frequently comment on the cleanliness of my sheets.

Dianne LeBlanc, LMT
Gardner, MA

I have been using your jojoba for ten months and have several others using it from my recommendation in Florida, Michigan, Montana and Texas. Thank you for producing a pure product we can all enjoy without danger to ourselves or our environment. I just ordered a quart today for my personal use.

Mary Campbell
Destin, FL

I am a small businesswoman, and I only buy two gallons of HobaCare a year, but I am very pleased with your product, and so are my clients. People tell me "Don't use oil", and I put a drop of HobaCare in the palms and tell them to feel it and smell it. The response is always, 'Oh, this is nice!'

So I am glad your company is going to continue distributing jojoba. I appreciate the honesty and integrity you give customers. I've never had a company raise prices briefly and then reduce prices back again, as promised! I don't want to buy from anyone else.

Lisa Wyzard
Torrance, CA

My order arrived today. I use your jojoba in place of hair gel and it works so much better. I also use it on my face twice daily and it has dramatically improved the quality of my skin. Thanks for the quality product. I know I would never get these benefits from the jojoba products bought anywhere else.

Steve Lazur
Simi Valley, CA

I love this product and so do my clients! It never leaves anyone feeling greasy and it lasts for such a long long time. Great carrier product, too, for aromatic essential oils. Jojoba extract is what I use exclusively now. Thanks for such a great product!

Kim Mennillo
Licensed Massage Therapist

I oil my mid-thigh length hair with Hobacare Jojoba. My hair has no split ends and is in the best condition ever. I could not have grown my hair to its current length or kept it in this marvelous condition without your product.

I recommend your product to anyone who inquires about hair care or comments on the health of my own hair. Your Jojoba is superior quality jojoba.

G. Spruiell
Iowa Park, TX

I just wanted to say thanks, I am a massage therapist of 9 years, and I discovered your product after I left school and found almond oil (and other nut oils) leave your sheets smelling rancid. This product washes out completely with no special products or harsh chemicals and my sheets last a long time. This allows me to purchase a nicer set of sheets so my room looks peaceful and beautiful, not clinical as many of those who use only white sheets. I also have sensitive skin and this product gives me no problem at all.

Another great aspect of jojoba oil is that it absorbs completely and my clients don't leave feeling greasy. I love telling them about the oil I use and how good it is for their skin. I could go on and on, there are so many wonderful things about using hobacare oil. It will extend the shelf life of scented oils if you choose to use them. Once again THANK YOU for caring about the product you put out. I am so grateful I found this product.

Robin L. Whitford