Customer Testimonials & Kind Words

I am a small businesswoman, and I only buy two gallons of HobaCare a year, but I am very pleased with your product, and so are my clients. People tell me "Don't use oil", and I put a drop of HobaCare in the palms and tell them to feel it and smell it. The response is always, 'Oh, this is nice!'

So I am glad your company is going to continue distributing jojoba. I appreciate the honesty and integrity you give customers. I've never had a company raise prices briefly and then reduce prices back again, as promised! I don't want to buy from anyone else.

Lisa Wyzard
Torrance, CA

Thanks for the quick response. I love jojoba and now use it exclusively as a skin lubricant in my massage practice. No allergic reactions, no greasy feeling for the patient, no funky sheets, and a fantastic carrier for essential oils.

Saint Johns Wort grows wild here in Aroostook County. I go to our camp (22 miles from the nearest electricity, and forget that cell phone), where my 87-year-old mother and I harvest from a patch that is at least 1/3 acre, far from any traffic or logging activity. After three sun infusions, the jojoba turns a rich, deep reddish-orange color. I use it on my bicyclists (including my occasionally-unfortunate self) for road rash. Amazing stuff! Minimizes itching, scabbing, scarring. I recently got my first tattoo (at age 50) and have been using the StJW jojoba on it. It barely peeled, has never itched, and my tattoo artist is amazed. Magic in a bottle.

Thanks for a wonderful product. I don't know what I'd do without it.

Nanci Little, LMT, TRM
Presque Isle, ME

I want to commend you for your excellent product. I took Ardell Hill's LaStone Therapy class in St. Helena, CA and we used your jojoba oil throughout the seminar. I've never cared much for jojoba oil before, but Ardell spent some time promoting your product to us and provided samples for our use. I must say that after her class, I'm convinced of the superior qualities of your HobaCare, and have ordered my supplies from you accordingly. Thank you for providing her the opportunity to change my mind!

Angelene Hernandez, LMT, LST
Napa, CA

I would like to personally "Thank You" for manufacturing such an excellent product! I read the informational and directions booklet and I was thoroughly pleased to acquire such a pure extract and I was equally impressed with the careful growth, cleaning and expeller pressing procedure used to create this wonderful extract!

I treated myself to a retreat at The Grand Traverse Resort and Spa in Traverse City, Michigan in January. The massage therapist there used HobaCare mixed with a few essential oils for a light fragrance. My skin absorbed the HobaCare thoroughly, leaving no oily residue or "slick" feeling. When I got up from the massage table to put on my robe I felt my skin and I have never felt my skin that soft before! I then had a manicure and the manicurist used the HobaCare as a cuticle oil. I was hooked! I purchased three 8 oz. bottles on the spot!

I have since experimented with adding quality essential oils from Aveda to the HobaCare. I then add a few drops of the HobaCare to a bath mixed with Dead Sea Salts, Aveda Personal Blends Shower Gel in #5, (for bubbles) and Rose Petals. After this relaxing bath my skin is noticeably softer. I then lightly towel off and apply a small amount to my skin and watch my skin absorb this extract to produce a beautiful, softer me! Winter months in Michigan are horrid on the skin, causing some serious drying effects. Being African-American my skin is particularly dry in the winter months and on some areas of the legs and arms there is flaking if you don't moisturize daily (in some cases, twice a day)! With HobaCare I can cheat and moisturize every other day and still have skin like a newborn baby!

I just ordered a 32 oz bottle of HobaCare, and I can't wait to receive it! Once again"Thank You" for producing such a wonderful, pure product!

I am so glad to see a company with such a wonderful customer focus, excellent customer service and quality product! Of course you can use my e-mail message, and I hope that visitors to the site are prompted to purchase HobaCare. I have actually given some HobaCare to a couple of my friends and I'm sure they will make a purchase very soon.

Once again "Thank You" for your kind message and excellent service. I truly appreciate the extra steps taken to please your customers and your efforts will not be forgotten!

Treea Brown
Detroit, MI

After having tried your jojoba earlier this year I am hooked!... Many thanks.

Tina van Leuven
Naples, FL

I've been using this product for two years already... I love it! It's just so good for my skin and hair... I use no conditioner, just Jojoba. I also have my teenage son use it with the essential oils for his acne skin. I found out about Jojoba was through my friend who does my facials. Please, never stop making it! Thank you.

Martha Tucker
Montville, NJ

You should know that I love this product, and having lived in Tucson, Arizona for 10 years we are familiar with jojoba and its uses. So I am doubly glad to be able to renew my supply.

Susan Bauer
Derry, NH

Your product is far superior compared to those that I have tried and used. Your company can back-up every word that you say about HobaCare Jojoba. It is excellent for hot/warm stone therapy as well as any modalities or massage techniques where you need to count on ultimate glide without impaired grip. Even though I ordered only one gallon to try the product, as I build my clientele and educate them about HobaCare, I'm sure they too will become loyal customers.

Please keep my name on your mailing list.

Robert S. Mendoza, RMT
Crosby, TX

My order arrived today. I use your jojoba in place of hair gel and it works so much better. I also use it on my face twice daily and it has dramatically improved the quality of my skin. Thanks for the quality product. I know I would never get these benefits from the jojoba products bought anywhere else.

Steve Lazur
Simi Valley, CA

Just a quick note to say my order arrived yesterday and HobaCare is by far the most superior Jojoba I've ever used! It is, among other things, an amazing skin and hair conditioner and I will definitely be reordering in the future. Thank you for such a quality product!

N. Luce
VA Beach, VA