HobaCare Organic


  • 1oz HobaCare Organic Jojoba
  • 125ml HobaCare Organic Jojoba
  • 250ml HobaCare Organic Jojoba
  • 32oz HobaCare Organic Jojoba


  • 1/2 Gallon HobaCare Organic Jojoba
  • HobaCare Organic Jojoba (1 Gallon)
  • Case of 24 - 1 fl oz HobaCare Organic Jojoba
  • Case of 12 - 125ml HobaCare Organic Jojoba
  • Case of 24 - 125ml HobaCare Organic Jojoba
  • Case of 12 - 250ml HobaCare Organic Jojoba
  • Case of 24 - 250ml HobaCare Organic Jojoba
  • Case of 10 - 32oz HobaCare Organic Jojoba

We have been using Hobacare for nearly two years now and have found our family's skin is amazing looking - which is truly a feat considering the eczema and dry skin that so plagues us!

Heather B.

Fabulous, fabulous stuff!

Sarah L.

After reading that it was not toxic for animals, I treated My dog's inflamed area. It was raw, scabby, and quite itchy. I treated the spot directly, massaging through the hair to her skin. I also covered that area with a shirt, to ensure our dog would leave that area alone. Within days, I noticed an improvement.


I love this product. My esthetician had been using it on my skin for years. Trusting her knowledge of skincare and product-lines for the last 20+years, I decided to wean myself from traditional body moisturizers in 2018, and transition to jojoba oil for my basic skin care moisturization.


After more than 20 years of practice I have used numerous products. The Jojoba Oil is superior to any and all.

Elizabeth Berks

I love your stuff. I've been using it for years and refuse to use anything else. I've tried them all. Your jojoba, is by far, the best available.

Bella Donna

I love how it absorbs into the skin and leaves it silky smooth, what a fantastic carrier it is for essential oils, that it doesn't go rancid, so my sheets remain sweet-smelling and that the (jojoba) is so stable with an incredible shelf-life. What's not to love?

Annie/Arianna Mitchell, LMP

Thank you so much for providing a wonderful product. I have been using your golden jojoba in my skincare products for many years and all my customers (and me) love it.


I want you to know I appreciate your wonderful customer service. There is never a delay in the shipment of my order and I very much appreciate it.


I have been using your product for years and I love it! It is the only product I use for the face and body!

Debra Peters