4.22oz Pesticide Free WMR Bundle

Wash, Moisturize, Repeat Bundle

We are all washing our hands more than normal and our skin is suffering the effects. The Washington Post recently had a story that moisturizing is just as important as washing in the fight against Covid-19.

Jojoba to the rescue!

"Every winter, I have the WORST dry skin on my hands. Lotion helps, but jojoba is something else because it's such a natural, good-for-you product. Really recommended if you get cracked, dry hands like I do and want relief!" - Samantha

"I am giving them as tiny quarantine gifts..leaving on the doorsteps of friends here in Thomaston." -Cindy

Place one or two drops of the back of one hand, rub it with the back of your other hand, and then rub your hands together thoroughly. Give it about 30 seconds and you will be good to go. Repeat this every time you wash your hands for the best results.

We put together these bundles at reduced prices and free shipping so that you can share with your family and friends. Do you know a health care provider on the front lines? Why not share a bottle with them.

We will get through this together!

In this bundle, you will receive 3 bottles of 4.22oz (125ml) Pesticide-Free Jojoba for $20 plus Free Shipping! ($15 Savings)


I love this product. My esthetician had been using it on my skin for years. Trusting her knowledge of skincare and product-lines for the last 20+years, I decided to wean myself from traditional body moisturizers in 2018, and transition to jojoba oil for my basic skin care moisturization.


After 35 radiation treatments I recommended your product to my friend for his burns. Like magic it is soothing and healing the area. Wonderful jojoba. Thank you.

Jayne Johnson

My clients love Jojoba; it washes out of sheets and clothing easily, and it makes my work easier. The absence of fragrance is especially nice. I highly recommend it!

Deb Hewson

I did a lot of research on what to use on my skin and then where to get it. I know I made the right choice.


The results were instant! My hair not only had sheen, but totally eliminated the friz!
I threw away all of the other goopey hair gels.

Terri Swain

Thank you so much for providing a wonderful product. I have been using your golden jojoba in my skincare products for many years and all my customers (and me) love it.


I've been a masseuse for eleven years and your jojoba extract is the best stuff I've ever used! It's economical, clean, and every one of my clients like it.

Genie Robinson, RMT

I want you to know I appreciate your wonderful customer service. There is never a delay in the shipment of my order and I very much appreciate it.


The very best thing about jojoba is that is does not become rancid and aids in the integrity of essential oils.

helen Schultz

I love how it absorbs into the skin and leaves it silky smooth, what a fantastic carrier it is for essential oils, that it doesn't go rancid, so my sheets remain sweet-smelling and that the (jojoba) is so stable with an incredible shelf-life. What's not to love?

Annie/Arianna Mitchell, LMP